Availability of sexed semen for artificial insemination in karnataka?

Dear Farmnest Members,
                        I read somewhere in internet that there is an institute which provides sexed semen and there is a chance of 25 % of fertilization of egg, please let me know if there is any such institute in karnataka it would be of a great help for all the farmers.

May not answer your question, but some earlier reference:
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Check with Indiagen Ltd  Which was launched Marketing  of  Bovine Frozen Semen.

Dear Mr. Pawancol

Sex Semen is not available in india. It has to be imported from USA with special permissions of state & Central govt. Few years back Punjab govt. had imported some straws of sex semen from there.

Sex semen’s conception rate is best on Heifers (which are In first laction). After that if you inseminate, the conception rate drastically  decreases. That is why its not preferred for cows in their 2nd, 3rd or more lactation.

Hope this information was helpful for you.

Sumit Chandla
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Dear Mr.Sumit,
                  Thank you for the information that was very helpful if there is no availability of sexed semen then, is there a non violent way to treat of the male calf ? i don’t want to sell it to the butchers…

I am a small farmer. That’s why I don’t let my cows to conceive for more than two times. Gap between each conception is more than two years. They may continue to give milk till they want even after calf stops drinking milk. I use their dung for jeevamrutham,compost and milk for home. I there is more milk left over, I sell them. I use the same principle for my bufellows also.

Dear Shetty,
Now you can get semon at free of cost in Govt Vet. Hospitals very near to your location i.e. Panchayath/Hobali/Mandal levels, check it at nearest govt vet Hospital.

Getting Indian Indeginous Semon is risky, but can get it if you negotiate with Govt Vet. Doctor. Few Farmers having native bulls through which insemenation is still continuing.