Availability of Organic Manures and Fertilizers

Can Any one please say the availability of the following Organic Manure and fertilizers in the Market nearby Kollegal ( Nearby place is Mysore),60 kms away.

Epsom salts,seaweed extract powder or liquid,seaweed kelp, Organic NPK powder or liquid…Sticky traps,Pheromone Traps and any other organic inputs that are Required for a Farm . ???

I Used Neem cake &  Jeevamrutham only for My paddy crop,yield was low due to stem borer infection,its not enough so trying more inputs. :frowning:

I need some Bio pesticides too so that i can get some benefit out of my land.No am planning to plat Red Desi  Variety of Corn and cow pea Inter-cropped.

Bhayya initially there will be Problems in Pests and Fertigation in switching over to Organic. Don’t worry. It will set right. What  the items sold in the Market as Biopesticides are of to be used in a Systematic way. However you use Neem Oil for spraying in 20 Days intervals which is cost effective and result oriented than that of using costly Bio-Pesticides with an exorbitant costs. With Neem Oil  /  Neemastra  /  Brahmastra / Using  Pheromone Traps  & sticky mats you can do miracles in controlling the Pests and diseases under Organic.

for Vasudha Green Farms,

Sir Thanks for your Kind Reply…Where Can i buy Traps for Pests…? What about the Organic Inputs given by Karnataka government (Agri Gold)…can we use it…?


I have used Agri Gold for the bananas last year. I am not really sure if it helped. Instead I would suggest use Neem cake along with compost if you can.
Second option is Sugar factory waste (locally known as maddi). Far better in terms of performance.


Thank you Bhayya !

As has already been Posted at other Place it is to be informed that  the soil to be  accustomed to the Organic it will take 3-4 Years shifted from Chemical Farming. If you are very Particular about Organic Farming you have to use large amount of Bio Fertilisers to get the Crop Commercially Viable.Using of Neem cake along with compost  or 
Sugar factory waste (locally known as maddi) is not suffice. You have to spray Bio-Fertilisers invariably  to get  better performance of your Crop and commercially Viable.

MANNE SN,for Vasudha Green Farms,

Sugar factory waste = Pressmud. This is cheapest organic material(of course not100% organic it will have residues of sulfur).  350rs/ton. Almost all sugar factories started composting this and enriching with Pseudomonas +Trichoderma +VAM … All ginger farmers are buying this and neemcake is almost out of stock in our area.  Ginger is highly nutrition hungry crop. Apart from these farmers use humic granuales and complex fertilizers in a minimum quantity. They have realized to control wilt and blight organic is highly effective.

Pressmud(maddi) if used alone, may not give good results as it is not degraded. but when composted and enriched it is highly nutritious. see below link for more details
rajshreesugars.com/index.php … &Itemid=25

Thanks for all the kind reply… ;D.I would like to share that My land was not cultivated before our buying for 4 years and later after buying 1 yr was not cultivated,it was cultivated for paddy past 6 months ago only… :smiley:

Pressmud(muddi) ,many people say that it spoils soil ,is it true…? :-[

Members please kindly provide me the Regular inputs for that is necessary to be feeded to crops so that i can reap good rewards.