Automating Liquid Manuring in Farm

Wanted to check

  1. if there is a way of automating the manuring process (liquid’s such a mixture of cow dung slurry, molasses etc) and controlling the quantity through an automated system. The process needs to be repeated periodically at a frequency of probably every month or two.

I know drip being employed for water dissolving fertilizers, but wanted to know if pipes would be clogged with the above fertilizer and also if there any cost effective method to it.

  1. Also is there a way of automating the dispersal of granular fertilizers like say neem/urea/dap/ and also to control the quantity?

  2. Is there a way farm animals would help in such automation?

I was thinking about the same thing also. Normal fertilizers are mixed in the fertigation tank and pumped over to the plants using drip.

One farmer I was speaking to in Hyd, also mentioned mixing soil from his farm in the tank and pumping to plants. I am sure if you have a good filteration system, you can pump the cowdung also


Here are couple of interesting videos on a farmer from Karnataka doing something similar. … ure=relmfu … ure=relmfu


We started working in the same. We are looking into automatic fertigation and other electronic methods for providing hi-tech farming. We are testing our products in Farm/Green House Automation.
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teamavani, can you write in more detail on how you have implemented the automation process please?