"Aulprofem"-New drug to concieve only female calves

Here is solution to get only female calves. Karnataka Govt started testing it. Results are awaited in Dec-15. Check below link for more information


very good information.

Kindly provide more info.

(the website has a picture of a calf, which is little confusing)

Hope and pray that the new invention works well.


Such drugs should be banned. Such developments are fodder to developing male offspring alone for humans. 

This is extensively used for milk breeds like Holstein Frisian and Jersey…
If there is a male calf it will be sold to slaughter house within two days of its birth for 1000/-
In my opinion such drug will help farmers to get only female calf.

Can you explain why it should be banned?

Hope you are not linking this with Baba Ramdev’s putra jeevak … both are totally different scenarios

Dear Sri sir,  I totally agree with you.  I found some of my co-farmers are in confused state, when their HF, Jersey cows gives birth to a calf, saying that they are in helpless condition. Neither they can kill it and burry it  nor can sell it to a butcher for some amount, since they know the purpose of the purchase.

We have to accept one fact that in India, HF and Jersey Cows are grown only for Milk Pupose and not for any other purpose.  For meat purpose, sheep, goats, chicken,forks,rabbits and quails are grown and catering the needs of the non veg eating persons.

They maintain the mother cow ( HF or Jersey ) with an intention that it may give a female child. At the time of delivery ,they will be in helpless position. Hence I too agree with your opinion, that what the karnataka Government is doing, is correct and we shall also welcome such medicine for assured female child to the cows.    Hence that medicine need not be banned and strongly feel that it is very useful for Indian conditions.       

g.p.rao, farmer .

Commercial dairy farming mostly uses Artificial Insemination and not the natural way. In humans, the sex of the offspring is decided by the male sperm. Is this true of cows? If it is, then will it not be possible to screen the sperms for female offsprings? I am not aware of how the biochemical filtering occurs, but am suspicious of invasive biochemical methods. The Aulprofem web site compares Sexed Semen technologies with Aulprofem techniques. Sexed Semen is an In Vitro (within the glass) technology whereas Aulprofem is in vivo (within the body…of the female cow). On separation of the semen into X and Y groups (male and female generating), quote from Hunter:  ”Spermatozoa are haploid cells possessing only half the  usual number of  chromosomes for the species, and there is no evidence that haploid, as distinct from diploid cells, express their genetic constitution in surface characteristics. This being the case, it is difficult to imagine, how chemical, electrical or bio-physical separation of X or Y spermatozoa might be obtained” . The exact technique of in vivo Aulprofem was not clear from the website. If it is to be applied on the male seeding bulls, then it must be interfering with the spermatozoa production. If it is to be applied to the female cows, then it cannot be on the surface identification and rejection of the spermatozoa. So I guess that it is a technique, based on surface characterestics of the joined egg and sperm. I am not sure whether this technique of selecting the embryo is toatally harmless.

Yes my initial reaction was based on the Societal impact, the laws against human Sex Determination in India and the drugs promoted by Baba Ramdev. Aulprofem does talk about the impact on humans as well.
See ( Aulprofem website  aulprofem.com/discoveryofaulprofem.php)
[size=140][i]Dawn of a New Era

This discovery of Aulprofem has in the real sense dawned an era of sex fixing in the world. The future of Biology in general and Reproductive Physiology in particular is definitely the Sex Fixing. The effect of this research is bound to be such that not only there will be changes in the structure and functioning of future society but it will have profound effects on the ways the people think and even their behavior will be guided accordingly. An existence of future society will even be difficult to be imagined without the presence of sex fixing phenomenon in the lives of the people. A day to day or the normal fabric of life will cease to carry a meaning without sex fixing. The sex fixing will be there everywhere, knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally or in anyway in the lives, behavior, thinking, instincts or even in the ideologies of the people.  The new world definitely is going to prove to be an era of sex fixing and this phenomenon with its all prevalent presence and its ability to impress human thought  and action will definitely be one of the greatest forces that will constitute the strength of future world society.[/i][/size]

The Indian scene is also touched in the “Experts Say” section. So from a societal viewpoint, this development will lead to  undesirable population dynamics. My idea is that research can be conducted, but drugs for Sex Fixing, especially in humans, should be banned. That way, I moderate  my earlier stand on banning the drug for cows. But a small group of Sex Fixing scientists should not be allowed to get away with " The new world definitely is going to prove to be an era of sex fixing".

k vinod kumar

पृथिवी सस्यशालिनी
the earth be green

Dear Sri Vinodkumar, I appreciate your saying ’ =SEX FIXING IN HUMANS BE BANNED =’. I strongly oppose the present scenario of wishing to have male child only in to their families, which is not correct. Girls also proving their capacities in all fields.

It may not be out of place to mention that my son went to usa for study of MS in engg,on getting a seat in merit. Same like my daughter also went to usa for study of MS in engg, on getting a seat in merit. Both have complted their courses, searched their jobs on their own and settled in jobs on their own. No diffarance found in both.

I am stating this fact, only to inspire youngsters towards female children, and to invite them to their family, equally along with male child.

with love on female childrens and accepting their capacities, not less than any male child. g.p.rao, farmer


Is sexed semen good option or not ??
can i use for 3-4 lactation cow also??