Arka Rakshak Pruning

Hi Gurus ,

Pls help me how to prune Arka Rakshak Varity of tomato. what is the maximum height of plant.

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Dear farmer , ( urbanjbp ),

Sir,  welcome to our farmers friendly  Forum.

The Arka Rakshak variety tomato , a determinate variety(semi), is released by IIHR, Hesargatta, Bengaluru, karnataka in the year 2010_11.

It is learnt from the IIHR authorities, it is a  very good high yielder, an and only, triple virus resistant variety in determinate open variety tomato hybrids, in the world.

It is brought to the notice of our Forum that a recorded yield of around 19 KGS per plant has recorded and I was also an eye witness.

This variety , Arka Rakshak, a determinate variety, don’t require any pruning.

Stalking and/or trellising is required to protect the branches to hold the weight of the yield.

It comes to a height of 3 to 5 ft, in ideal conditions and stalking/trellising system is a must.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear Sir,

Where can we purchase the seeds of this variety.

Address or phone numbers please if any.

+91 9620944466

Dear Sri guruprasad,

Sir , please contact vegetable seeds section or stores section of IIHR, Hesargatta, Bengaluru, in person and collect/purchase the Arka Rakshak seeds packets required.

Please call the concerned on phone numbers, 080_ 28466420, 080_ 28466421, and 080_ 28466422, get confirmed about availability and go in person.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear G P Rao sir,

Thanks very much for the information.

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Dear g.p.rao Sir,

Thank you for the guidancr.