Areca varieties and availability

If your farm is located in Thirthahalli taluk, then you can contact Senior Assistant Director Of Horticulture(ZP) Thirthahalli taluk, or Assistant Director of Horticulture, Areca Farm(Sebinkere). UAS is having a research centre in one of the farms belonging to Horticulture Department where many scientists are working. you may contact them also for guidance. There is an areca farm belonging to late Sri. Purushotam Rao who was a pioneer in organic farming. Thirthahalli has many progressive farmers to help.
Trust you would get a clear view of what you can do after discussions and visits.

Hi AK,

Mr purushottam raos farm is on the way to kupalli, Walkable from bus stand. But that gentle man is no more. There is a trust and they surely will show you all the stuff. I had been there.

My cousins uncle is at a place called Konandoor. He has a farm, quite a big one. Lived on that farm output, got all his daughters married off from farm income, more over moves around in a Sexy jeep. 70+ year old youth  :astonished: .  Let me know so that I can short you to him. He was one of my inspiration for venturing out into this.  ;D  ;D

Hi Karnic can you share more info on this Govt run Areca research center. Came to know they have some breed of Areca which starts bearing with in 3 years. Something called Mangala and sumangala. Or can you lead us to some pointers as to where we can get them ?



mangala and sumangala varieties are  releases from Areca research station vittal in South Canara. These are old varieties but performs well under varied agroclimatic conditions. A few more varieties are released for specific region. you may please write to superintendent, Areca Research Station, Vittal, Puttur Taluk South Canara District.