Areawise info on seeds, seedlings, grafts, budding, TC, varieties

Dear forum Farmer Friends,  Horti/Agri experts, Marketing executives following Our Forum,                                                       

This I want to bring to the notice of all of us. Some of us are aware of certain fruit plant grafts, which are doing very well. May be some knows that in certain area, some variety of vegetables plants are producing exportable quality. At some farm, some fruit plants are doing very well. Can we discuss and select the suitable Seeds, seedlings, grafts, budding, tissue culture, varieties available by specific areas?                                     

For example, in kodagu area, Anthuriums are growing and worlds one of the best quality flowers are coming.                         
Likewise, In Dharmapuri district of Tamilnadu farmers are producing 150 tons of brinjals per acre, per crop, with precision farming etc.             
In coffee, robusta variety is doing well on certain heights above msl. Arabica coffee plants are doing well in certain heights above certain msl. Say Kaveri coffee plants are doing well in plain lands and at normal heights , even at msl levels.             

Hope our friends will bring several facts in to lime light and help each other, discuss and the same may be helpful to so many of us also.                           
It may not be out of place to request our forum Administrator Dr chandra, and our Sri sir, to correct this and present it in a correct way, as required and useful to our forum.                       

with best wishes to our forum and all of us,