Are agriculture crops beneficial monetarily?

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just two days back we have harvested paddy from our field. I thought of selling it directly from our farm land. It is IR 20 variety. There is practically no demand for it, people were quoting Rs 8 per kg. I have decided to dry it and keep for our use. If you work out the balance sheet, it comes out to be negative. It is really shocking. I read in a leading weekly magazine stating that if you grow paddy in a acre land, the profit is ~Rs 13,000; if you grow sugarcane, it is ~Rs 35,000. But if you have good milking cow one can earn about Rs 65,000. (I think if fodder is grown in one acre). I am really perturbed with this information. Can some one please throw some light on this.

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Paddy if done in a large scale to an extent can bring in income however it was never a great income generator when compared to other crops and animal husbandry.

Sugarcane is good now as the rate have increased and the best part we have few place where free stumps were given from the sugar factory including them bearing the transportation and so on. again provided you have a large acreage.

You can try maize which is in good demand has had a good price in the market over the last 1 yr and the demand is still such that you get a min Rs.11-13 assured price and with good practices we can get about 2.5tons yeild/acre.

However intergrated is best.


The mentality of people changed  to supermarket oriented purchase,.They are ready to purchase at any cost. Anyway all over south india there is a big demand for Banana cultivation G-9 type for export and domestic market. If you go with drip irrigation and proper management  the profit will come around Rs.50,000-- 1,00000/- .This is not a simple data. One of my farmer he is having 9500 tissue culture bananas, recently planted near Banglore ,plse contact him.09742201385
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This is the problem with paddy. government is discouraging the farmers. In andhra where the lands are most suitable for paddy cultivation farmers declared crop holiday and left the lands barren. Rs.8 is too low and lower than minimum price offered by Government. as such government fixed minimum price itself is low and puts a farmer under loss. Now farmer must get minimum Rs.14 per kilo. if you have a mill convert into rava and sell to any supermarket which will fetch at least Rs25.kilo.

As you are nearer to city you can grow vegetables which secure better price. even if you grow leaf bnana plants you can sell leaves and make money.

Instead of depending entirely on short term crops, we have to think of medium term crops and cash crops for earning good revenues in agriculture. Nowadays farmers get less and only middle man get more in short term crops. Some of fast growing species are Melia dubia and Gemlina arborea. And also can generate revenue by planting inter-crops after planting the trees. Please check these, you will get some idea: Gmelina Arobrea, Melia Dubia

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the profit that you have mentioned Rs.50-100,000/-, is it per acre? i hope this is on the lower extreme. i thought banana farming was much more profitable.

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A small story before proceeding into the topic in question. A man wanted to become rich. Once he saw an elephant collecting money from shop to shop in the market. On seeing this, this gentle man sold out his property and purchased an elephant.After sometime he found it difficult to manage and incurred loss.Next he saw a man earning through horse driven cart . so he opted to change his profession and sold his elephant and purchased a horse.In this case too he incurred loss. subsequently he changed his profession to cow…finally he was carrying a chick in his hand. Now he was tired and looked ugly with worn out face full of grown up beard and mustache.Finding no other way he sold his chick and shaved his face and came home smart. Why I am saying this story here is that Agriculture without proper idea will lead to hell.But if you apply your mind, the same agriculture field will be a rewarding business.One acre tomato in precision farming method will yield 100 MT of fruits in one year.If market rate is Rs 5 / kg, your profit is 5 lac/acre/year.Suppose market rate is down say, throw away price of Rs.1, then you will get Rs.1 lac / acre/ year. Here the logic is technology, high yielding variety,cultivation management and market information.Like wise if you plant sugarcane of high yielding variety, you will get 100 MT/acre/year.It will fetch 100 * Rs.2250=Rs.2,25,000 /acre/year, After deducting cost of cultivation you will get atleast Rs.1,25,000 net profit.So depending upon the soil, climate, market intelligence and more than anything your devotion to farming will decide your income in Agriculture.Also see your right hand palm for sun and fate line. If it is prominent , then you will gain profit.However dont fail to remember a saying " there is no substitute for hard work"


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the net profits shown in magazine are calculated by economist sitting in AC chamber not knowing ground state realities. if farming is so attractive  in INDIA why we are migrating leaving our farms. even i sold my paddy for 7.5 Rs/kg. in India traditional farming is almost in dieing state. 

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my dear ramu
u mean to say that because we are not wise we are not getting profits. is it is possible for farmer with 2/3 acres can effort for higher end technology. can you show me even one farmer who can earn Rs. 1lack/acre by cultivating sugarcane please please let me know i want to learn from him. do you know the present market rate for tomatoes ?. very recently potato farmers from Gujarat blocked the roads by leaving their crop on roads. this is the reality of our Indian agriculture sector.

Dear Mr.Reddy,
                        Clarification is welcome and appreciated.When holding is small, intensive cultivation is followed where yield and income are more.Because you can bestow better care.Where as, when holding is large , extensive cultivation is followed where yield is comparatively lesser than intensive cultivation.
30,000 two budded setts / acre=60,000 single buds
Germination percentage 42,000 viable buds sprouts
Each bud gives forth 5 2,10,000 shoots/acre
Mortality 30%. so viable shoots are 1,47,000 .Out of which 30% are mother shoots each of which weigh  1 kg on an average,40% are secondary shoots each of which weigh 0.6 kg on an average. Rest of 30% are  tertiary shoots each of which weigh 0.4 kg on an
Mother shoots 44100 nos * 1 kg      =44100 kgs
scondary shoots 58800 nos* 0.6 kg=35280  kgs
Tertiary shoots  44100 nos * 0.4 kg=17640  kgs

Total weight =97020 kgs  = 97.020 MT=rounded to 100 MT/acre

There is a record evidence of yield of 240 MT / acre in sugarcane crop in karnataka. But I do not want to quote it here.

Gross income 100 MT * Rs2250/MT =Rs.2,25,000

Seed cost 4 MT          -Rs.9000
Land  preparation      -Rs.5000
Planting cost              -Rs.1000
Fertilizers & manures  -Rs.10,000
Weedicide & pesticide -Rs.1000
Labour cost                -Rs1500
Intercultural operation-Rs.3000
Harvesting                  -Rs.30,000
Transporting              -Rs.10,000
Interest on crop loan  -Rs. 5000
Miscellaneous              -Rs. 5000

TOTAL EXPENSES        -  Rs.80,500
Net income                  - Rs.2,25,000-Rs.80,500=Rs1,44,500

If you get 70 MT/acre, then your net income will be Rs.1,01,150/acre/year.

To get above result, you must follow
High yielding sugarcane varieties like Co 62175, Co 86032 and so many other ruling varieties are there every where
Quality seed cane for planting
Timely cultural operations
Clean cultivation
Plant population maintenance/acre
Timely irrigation etc.

These are basic things to follow while taking up agriculture activities.

So, when you properly attend upon all essentials, sure success is yours.No doubt there are many farmers who have become rich only through sugarcane.
A small example is - duo Mr. Norman De souza and his friend Mr.Ravi from najangud taluk in mysore district undertook sugarcane cultivation , variety being co 62175, in over 5 acres during the year 1992.obtained yield of 92 MT/ acre thro’ hardwork. They bestowed motherly care on sugarcane crop. Because of grand success in the very first attempt , they got another 10 acres of land on lease and continued with sugarcane cultivation for next 10 years with same attention.Then they invested part of their earnings on Bar & restaurant business in Gundalpet taluk of mysore district.Even then they undertook continuous cultivation of sugarcane because it lifted them in life.Now they are multimillionaire. Here hardwork and devotion fetched income  for them.

It also hold good for other crops like tomato,onion,banana etc,
It all depends on how we approach with nuances and methods.
Hope for the best & dont loose heart.When you apply your mind in the correct context, one day ou will become a master to guide freshers.

Best of luck,
Drip cum fertigation systems

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