Aquaponics: Has anyone tried it?

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I have been reading about aquaponics in the recent past and have also seen a lot of videos on youtube. Almost all videos and experiences seem to have come from American farmers or enthusiasts. I want to know if someone has tried it here in India so that I know what sort of adaptations are required.

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Is aquaphonics and hydrophonics same? If so we have a member on the forum “vertical” who has tried this on his roof top garden in Bangalore. He has explained everything in seprate thread.

Is aquaphonics and hydrophonics same? [/quote]
Not really. Aquaphonics  is integrated farming involving fish & crops (water from the fish tanks is used as nutrients for plants). Whereas hydroponics is growing crops using just water. I’m not sure if it’s being done here in India and how successful it is.



I came across the following blog post while searching over internet: