Apply nitrogen after removing banana bud

I have seen some old farmers apply some urea after removing banana bud. Can banana absorb Nitrogen from there and increase the size of banana bunches ?

Dear Sri Lilantha ,

yes sir. nitrogen will be absorbed by banana. some farmers are doing and getting different mixed results. Some getting good results and some are not. Up to my knowledge, no Agri/Horti Institute and/or University advised this type of process.

Some farmers are spraying water soluble fertilisers like 19.19.19, 0.0.50,13.0.45,gibberellic 
acid and or combinations. Some farmers are tying Panchagavya filled poly bags also at the cut end of the banana bunch. even these are also not clearly specified. Generally these will be done by farmers by trial and error methods.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear g.p.rao

Thank you very much  :slight_smile: