Apiculture in hyderabad


Does anyone know about apiculture/apiaries near hyderabad? I am looking to see where I can get some hives and bees


Hi Shiv/
Hope no one is coming forward to inform you.
Can you come here to Karnataka to learn about apiculture?

Thanks Swamy. So far no one replied, but through some sources I found that apiculture is being done on a commercial basis around Vikarabad, which has forests in an elevated area.

Let me explore what is being done in Hyderabad and if unsuccessful, will definitely reach out to you. Appreciate the offer


Hi Shiv,

I am from hyderabad too. Can you help me out in the findings of apiculture. I am interested in learning and starting it. please message me to my number +91-9581267267. I am in other country now so please do message once i am in india i will call you or please send me a mail to sankar005ravi@gmail.com