Anyone into winged bean cultivation?

Dear All,

Is anyone on the forum into winged bean/ also known as “Goa Bean” and “Asparagus Pea” cultivation?

Some indian names are:-
Tamil:sirahu avarai
Bengali: Charkoni-sem
Manipuri: Tengnou manbi
Malayalam: Chathura Payar

Or any pointers as to where one can buy the seedlings?


GKVK Bangalore has separate department  it is named like this “Dept of under utilised food grains” something like this. They promote winged bean and rice bean so many others…

Thank you Sri. Would check it out. Also, I read somewhere that the plant grows upto 5 to 6 meters high, any idea if this is kind of a creeper?

Yes. See attached picture. Look at the placard for information about winged bean.