Anyone here into floriculture?

Hello Arpit,

Nice to hear from you and sure we can meet and discuss about the feasibility.

Happy farming


hey aman… great info man… i am half way reading and found the above post…
totally cracks me up ! but i think we both wouldnt agree more with him… forget organic capsicum… tee hee hee!


hey Arpit and Prosanjit…
glad to know u guys are from indore… so whats happening people ?
i will be in indore on the 21 and 22 this month…

let me know if you would like to catch up and make use of me.

ohh! just so that you know… i have grown and exported carnations… grown merrygold for local sale,
currently having chrysanthemum, and later grow tulips and/or carnations for exports.

ok thats it… more incase we meet.


Good to know you grow chrysanthemum.  Do you use any sprays to induce more flowring and large flowers?  If yes which one?

Hello Vivek

It was really nice to hear from you. I am aware of your knowledge bank as I have gone through most of your posts at the same time I would like to thank you for your thoughtfulness towards sparing time and helping newbie like us. As a starter, I was short of confidence but meeting with Aman has raised my hopes and then I received your post which breezed new confidence in me.

I believe there is an evergreen market in flowers and the concept of ‘saying it with flowers’ has increased thus giving us an opportunity.

Thank you once again for your consideration and look forward to meet with you in high spirits. 

Happy Farming

To the Administrator and whole Farm Nest Team

I take this opportunity to thank the whole team of Farm Nest for bringing up this novice idea where we can share and learn, helped us in speaking with experts and give new likeminded friends.  It has been an immense help to me and to be honest it is through this forum only I became aware of current agricultural scenario and finally decided to get associated with mother earth. Thanks once again.


Hey Gunda,
the flowering in the bunch and the size depends on the variety.
there is nothing special that i am giving apart from calibor. but as a rule, i use a lot of humic, (once in a week)


why use only 12mm drip for flowers? why not use 16mm ?



12mm or 16mm drip width wont make a difference other than the fertigation timing and stuff.  Main point to note it the dripper to dripper distance.  According to my knowledge it should be at 30cm gap, so that all the plants are supplied equal and sufficient water. 


How much does caliber and humic acid cost and which supplier is of good quality?

Hi Vivek

During summer the temperature at Nasik is quite high, so how u maintain a conducive environment for carnations. I hope foggers does not contribute much.

Happy Farming


Hi Mr.Prosanjit,
carnations do not have any problem with over head foggers.i used to use foggers as much as i could.
and this is about 4 yrs back, the climate was a bit cooler than. i was facing severe problem of thin stem due to excess heat, so had to opt out, and so had many of the farmers from nasik.

but Prosanjit, my neighbour farmer has grown carnations in open in nasik, like 10-15 yrs back. totally blows my mind how the climate has changed!


Hey Mr.Gunda,

Calcibor is Rs 1800 / 10 kg - sourced from a company called YARA
humic powder is Rs 900 / kg - sourced from a company called Bio-Organic Industries


why no one grow marigold in open and make money  ::)


viks i did cultivate marigold in open a year back and due to late plantation i missed the peak season by 2 days, imagine how bad i felt :stuck_out_tongue:
but all is well. if hit the local market correct and at the proper time one can make a good fortune out of marigold coz it yields heavily and easy to harvest, plus easiest cultivation practice with minimum pest attacks. i remember putting nothing (literally no fertilizer) on my crop.


Hi Aman ,

my self Anwar from Kuwait. May i have your contact number please.

check your mail

Hi Aman, Vivek and all other members.

I am 33 yrs old and thinking of quiting my full time  safe & secure government job to start polyhouse farming. I am ready for all the mental & physical hard labour required and I am dreaming high like exporting my produce etc.

I belong to Amravati district of Maharashtra (near Nagpur).  My father is retired agriculture officer.  I have 14 acres of land (without irrigation) and 20 lakhs savings as initial investment.  I wish to start with Rose.  However, I will have to start from scratch.

In view of the above, I am very eager to know that are there any members who have quit there full time job and successeded in PH farming???

yeah… FN sure does have a lot of well wishers :slight_smile:

ok… send a cheque of Rs 50,000 to chandra now, to show u really mean all that u said  ;D


Thank you Bahyya  Mr.Abhi33,

You can have the Subsidy of 50% from NHB (National Horticulture Board) if your Plan is for > 5 Ac. If less than 5 Ac. you can avail the subsidy from SHB (State Horticulture Board of Maharastra.  Bhayya Don’t leave the Govt. Job you got. After Establishing the Unit and start getting the Fruits of your Efforts, then you can think it off. Anyway your Father is avilable who is also expert in this Field. Kindly think it off before leaving a Comfortable Job.

We will undertake construction of Poly House on Most Economical Way. If required our service Pl. Contact sir

Have you started your project? Please share your experience.

Mr Aman,
How do you see the current and future markets for dutch rose?