Any upcoming Palekar's workshops in Andhra or Tamilnadu?

Hi, i would like to know if any palekar’s workshops are being planned in near future so that i can plan to attend. any help would be much appreciated.

Dear Sri Swamy,

There is a conference running from a couple of days in Tirupathi, A.P, in Ramanaidu Kalyanamantapam, Tirupathi,A.P, for agri Students, Agri Professors and Farmers . This is being conducted by State Govt of A.P and Agri universities of A.P, on ZBNF.

As per the news stated in a leading Telugu News Paper " Eenadu " dtd 14.09.2016, in page
number -9, writing, about this unfortunate incident , which took place, on 13.09.2016 at 11 am. It seems , sri Palekar stated that Agriculture is not at all a science and Pointed the Agriculture Professors that they don’t know any thing about agriculture, and Agri Professors are not doing any thing to Agriculture , in the meeting , in front of thousands of farmers,on the stage.

Immediately After this incidence, all the Agri professors and all the Agri students , boycotted the conference and came out of the hall, went and reported the matter to the Special Priciple secretary of Dept of Agriculture, Andhra Pradesh. They had a discussion for two hours and finally the Pr secretary convenced all of them and they once again attended the conference.

As per the paper news, again conference afternoon session started and again Sri Subhash Palekar challenged with the Agri Professors and commented that they don’t know anything, from the dias, infront of all. Immediately all the agri professors and students started arguing with Sri Subhash Palekar and gave  counters to him.Finally conference was stopped and all the Agri professors and students, along with the farmers, all went away.

With the above incidence, all the Agri Professors and Agri students, are about to give a written complaint to Govt of Andhra Pradesh, against Sri Subash Palekar.

Further it is written that similar incidence took place in last Kakinada, A.P, ZBNF Conference also.

This I brought to the notice of our forum for the facts to be known.

with best wishes ,        g.p.rao,      farmer