Another hydroponic Capsicum Project started in Kadapa, AndhraPradesh

Dear Freinds,
Another hydroponic Capsicum Project started in Kadapa, AndhraPradesh, about 10 km from Kadapa city on the way to Ananthapur Highway. Constructed Steel frame Shadenet house and covered with 50% shade. Plantation done.
will keep you with updates & here are few pics.


Hey Bhuvan,
great to see the pics. do share more about the crop and the infrastructure, along with time frame.

how much is the shadenet area and number of plants? variety etc? and your whole experience till now.
i just want to learn more from you as i am also interested in open / shadenet farming for capsicum.


Hi Viks,
total area is 1000 Sq Meter covered with 50% shadenet. planted 1500 capsicum and 500 Europian cucumber.
both are rijkZwan seeds.

Iron pillar made for every 20sq ft ( 60mm OD and 2.5 mm thickness), In between for every 10 ft one eculiptus log supported to horizantal pipes. total structure cost comes closed to 70,000 excluding transportation. shadenet cost went to 30K including transportation from Hyderabad, installed Drip irrigation system.

Down leaf becoming yellow  :slight_smile: … Suggest if i can save them  :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Hi bunireddy,

this is pandu from a village near vijayawada. i am also interested in polyhouse farming. i heard marketing agencies for capsicum is very less in AP. is it true.

if u don’t mind , could you please provide your phone number. i would like to contact you and visit ur place.

thanks in advance,

Hello Bhuvan,
when was the plantation done ? and did u germinate the seeds on your own ?

and dont worry about the yellow first set of leaves, they will eventually fall off.
u need to watch out for the new leaves.

keep posting pictures as and when you can so we can know better.

Best of luck !


Good luck!  and Best wishes


many congrats on the new venture.
would like to visit the place, let me know your contact number and best time to visit.

Hi Viks,
Plantation was done on March 17th, new leafs are coming in fully green color… :slight_smile:  :sunglasses: :slight_smile:

Hi Bhuvan,
17 march ? niceeee… the plants look perfect, rather fast and good growth. plz share your secret  :stuck_out_tongue:
we all are waiting for you to share your story/experience till now.

plz give us more time, would be very very helpful.

oh, and also do share how you plan to fertigate your plants and what type of nutrients to give etc. as yours is a coco-peat media.



Dear Muni Reddy,

                I am very much interested to visit your plot. I belongs to vijayawada area. please inform your plot location address and your contact mobile number please, thanq very mmuch, pl. send the details to my email:

Thank you and all the Best. In the 2nd Picture thripts may have taken place and the leaves become folded and seems to be pale. look into it and take care if thripts are happened to avoid spreading to other plants.

Well done Bhuvan, wish you all da best - keep growing and growing !!

Gaurav Mehta

hello bhuvan the growth looks good and hats off to your start up venture.
you can use troughs next time instead of grow bags next time to increase the plantation density…

hey Bhuvan!
how u been buddy ? whats happening at your site?


Hi Bhuvan,

How are you? Good to see your plants. Well done!!

I am currently in the initial stages of setting up polyhouse as pilot project to learn greenhouse farming hands on before venturing big.

I need info on;

A)Coir peat grow bags - How much do they normally cost? And do we have to change the coir peats regularly?
B)Germinating seeds or buying seedlings? Which should be preferred?
C)Shape of the polyhouse.
D)Direction of the polyhouse

@Vivek, I have asked Bhuvan here because he is using growbags. But given the immense knowledge and experience you have, would you help me out if you can?


there is a requirement of red and yellow capsicum for me as i do export business of vegetables…requirment of 10 tons of capsicum is what i got orders of…please let me know if u still got capsicum.


Dear Mr. Bhuvan:
I am planning to look at the same technique and the crop.
What has been your experience thus far.
How has the yield been.


Hellow Vivek/Bhivan,
Can you please reply to the questions raised by Saravan.