An open invitation to the interested farmers /freshers to participate in the pf

Consequent to so many requests received from our farming community that are already members in FARM NEST public e-forum and expressed interest through personal mail and mobile phone about learning PRECISION FARMING , I wish to extend an open invitation to all such  interested farmers/ freshers to participate in a precision farming project that is started on 28th May,2016 at nallur village near Devanahalli in Bangalore …
I wish to outline few salient points about our location with specific reference to weather, soil and irrigation water etc., and aim of our farm plan to get maximum farm income from an unit area
Crop /vegetables – Brinjal ( varikatri ) and Brinjal Green long , Drumstick as intercrop and water melon as summer crop ( late crop in a year end )
Duration of the project cycle – 12 months
Aim – to use all the available space effectively to cultivate maximum possible number of vegetable crops through out the year and keep generating income continuously all through 365 days
For example …
We expect good rainfall in the ensuing monsoon season …our place has recorded reasonable  rainfall during August, September and October , Short winter from the mid of December to Mid of February and hot summer from Mid of February to Mid of June – with an annual average rainfall of around 650 mm received in over 45 rainy days and effective rainy days of around 12 days

Against this back ground we plan to cultivate Brinjal, Drumstick and water melon in the same piece of land with expected annual farm income of around 12 Laksh / acre / year
We initiate our work on 28th  MAY …Those interested farmers/ Freshers who wish to learn precision farming and ready to dirt their hand and feet in the soil with all  benevolent interest in farming system are invited to participate in this two days project work …
Further this is an informal program going to happen under the open sky …Trust some nearby farmers can share and learn our precision farming work and most important reap the benefit of real precision farming technology …

Hi Ramu sir

I love to attend this  program, but unfortunately I am thousand miles away in Sri Lanka .

I am sure this will give an excellent first hand experience in precision farming which we are lacking right now…

I will follow all your posts in this thread, so please update this thread frequently with photos…

Thank you

Dear friend
Understood your position …sure I will post all the developments of the project work right from the scratch .Thank you

dear ramu sir…i wish all the best…

Thank you friend

Hello Mr Ramu

Thanks for your post.

I wish to attend but it is a very short notice.

Is it possible to meet some time later and understand more about it. I stay on Sarjapur road.

Have land near Berikai(TN )


Sure pal …thank you

Hello Ramu Sir,

Thank you very much for this invitation.

I wish to participate. Please let me know the details about at what time I should be there and any other formalities.

Please also let me know exactly where I should come.


Dear Ramu sir,

I want to be part of the event on 28th and 29th, but not possible as I will be out of station on those days. Like Seenai wrote, if you give us another opportunity, I can come there. Please consider this request and extend your invitation for another day sir.


Dear friend

No problem …let you please find your own convenient time sometime later to visit and have exposure to this PF technology …Thanks

this is a very short notice, but I try my best to attend, can you provide your mobile details,
Any fees you are charging for it,
where we can stay, near by hotel or any provisional arrangement,

Dear friend

We are not charging any fee whatsoever from anybody else .Earlier many of our friends asked for field visit and requested through PM and phone call. Since i was staying far away from experimental field , I could not oblige their request .However I promised them to arrange for field visit and accordingly I fixed the date when we actually commence Precision farming project .Hence the day 28 th May …However the members have to bear the expenditure out of their own pocket …

The purpose of this project work is to show how important is PF technology  for the farming community eking out their life in semi arid dryland vis-a-vis train the poor boys in high tech agriculture production system …

Ramu Appreciate, your good self,

Thanks in Advance,

If don’t mind share your Mobile No.

Dear Dr Ramu sir,

Great attitude. Feeling great of my friend. Very useful for all of us.

best wishes to the event and for all of us.

g.p.rao,    farmer

Dearest G.P.R sir…Thank you for your blessings…some of our friends wanted to visit our work . I told them to wait for sometime .Now time has come and I also felt it appropriate to explain them when actually we do the field work …Because an hour of practical experience in the field will make people understand well about a technology than what one text book with thousands of pages can teach in a month time

we start a bit earlier in May in a small scale and scheduled to continue planting till August with various vegetables like brinjal, Tomato, cherry tomato, French beans, capsicum, chillies , cucumber, watermelon ,musk melon …

If we start late we could not complete planting all these kinds of vegetables in a short time .so we are starting earlier inspite of hot summer …Expecting some mortality around 10 % but we can gap fill and maintain population and plant density

Also our location is in semi arid tropics with minimum annual average rainfall …we need to use whatever rain received in monsoon season most efficiently and effectively and harvest maximum yield well withing onset of next summer…

Hope this Project will help and guide farmers cultivating  land in similar climatic and edaphic ( soil type )  conditions

Dear Ramu Sir,  Today , I have tried to locate your farm at Nallur near Devanahalli, but returned after searching at Nallur.  Please post Google Maps or phone number will be great help,  Thanks in advance

I would like to thank those members who honored my open invitation and participated in the PF project that we started early in May 2016 …Thanks Mr.& Mrs.Sai from bangalore, Mr.Joshi from Kolar, Mr.Rakesh from Hyderabad , Mr.Shanmugasundaram from Bangalore, Mr.Sheshadri from Tumukur …

Really sorry that one member could not locate our project site .May be due to our presence in an inaccessible area by phone

Also I would like to invite the missing members after completing entire project work in a month or two

Dear Ramu Sir

It was great pleasure working along with you on saturday. It was a good learning experience for me & my wife. Best thing was doing hands on work, kind of increased our confidence. Appreciate your selflessness in sharing knowledge & guiding new comers like us. Thanks a lot.

Best Regards

Thank you friend …I really appreciate your interest in farming and hope persons of high caliber like you can do a great honor to agriculture in near future