Alternatives for farmyard manure for land preparation


We are developing a plantation / farm spanning 70 acres in Southern Tamil Nadu. We are planning for a mix of vegetable crops, pulses, millets.

We are going to commence land preparation work in the next 2 weeks time. We are not in an position to source Farmyard Manure & Organic Composts for field preparation for such a large acreage. We do not want to buy organic composts / farmyard manure from outside as the costs are very prohibitive and it will make the cultivation economics unviable. Costs apart, there isn t sufficient quantity of FYM / composts available to meet our requirement.

Going forward we do not see the possibility of running a dairy / cattle operation to provide us the manure as we do not want to be distracted from the core focus on cultivation.

What are the other cost effective alternatives beyond farmyard manures & organic composts for land preparation

I shall appreciate feedback & advice from experts & users in this forum



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