Alphonso variety is considered good as of today

Dear All,

When we discuss about Alphonso variety there are many cross varieties(Attached is the main varieties) along with the original variety.
Does somebody have knowledge about :

  1. What is spongy tissue problem which is seen in the Original/straight Alphonso variety ? How does it affect the yield/taste/aroma/marketing ?

  2. Does the cross/Hybrid Alphonso varieties like Ratna/Sindhu etc have the original properties of Alphonso variety  and are they accepted in the market as Alphonso variety  ?

  3. Please suggest the best Alphonso variety (Straight and Hybrid).

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Dear Seshu sir, Alphonso is one of the best variety, produced in India for its skin colour,its best pulp colour,its Aroma and best taste, size and keeping quality, except for its bad Tissue sponzy fibre at one or two places in its pulp. It is a good bearer. This  spongy fibre with yellowish colour with sour taste, which is the only draw back for this variety mango, Alphonso.                                                                                                                                                                      In India it is called with diffarent names like badami,gundu,appas,happus,khader etc. Hybrids released on cross with alphonso, ie, arka Nilkiran,Ratna, Sindhu, are not that successful with  consumers/markets, but they do not have the spongy tissue fibre problem which is much with Alphonso.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Several research studies reveals that use of SOD culture, providing mulching to the alphonso trees , reduces the Spongy tissue fibre problem, and also by harvesting the fruits at 75 percent maturity also reduces this problem.                                                                                                                                                                    Any how Alphonso is Alphonso and the best variety of Alphonso is of RATNAGIRI ALPHONSO plants undoubtedly.( stone grafts ).    g.p.rao , farmer.

Thanks you Rao garu,
Regarding the failure of Ratna, Sindhu in the market, its because the people doesn’t identify them to the original Appus ?
Also mulching and full maturity of fruit shouldn’t be a problem in a Organic setup if we go for RATNAGIRI ALPHONSO.


Dear Seshu sir, go comfortble with farming of Alphanso. If you grow sincerely in organic way, you will get good size fruits ( 150 % ), with good taste,colour and aroma. Pl do not forget to grow 10 Neelam variety mango along with growing 100 plants of Alphonso of Ratnagiri. Either you go and get Ratnagiri Alphonso from Maharashtra or they are available near Bengaluru and I can give details of availabilty Hope the best. g.p.rao

Thanks raogaru for the info.
Please provide details the contact details of near Bangalore Nursery