Agritec exhibition

Hello friends
the Agritech exhibition is going to be held from 25-08-2012 to 28-08-2012 at Gayathri vihar, Palace ground, Bangalore. Most of you may aware about this. This is for reminding only.
R Vasudevan

Dear Chandra sir ,

I am distributor of Agro Products and Sms Controller Switch . Like to Make a stall in Agritech Exhibition. Kindly help me to whom i have to contact for the stall .

It will be helpful for our Business.

M Arun Kummar
Mobile No +919035770885

This should help:

Mr. Arun,

Good luck with the exhibition.

Why not showcase your products and their prices right here on Farmnest?

Agritech exhibition is taking place here in Bangalore where you are based and you asking Chandra @ Hyderabad?
You can log in to … for more details.