Agriculture training in bangalore

Hi All?
Iam starting new project to develop about 2 and half acres (later extent of land will expand) land situated very close to BIAL. Now Bore well is ready, pipeline is not yet installed as leveling work of land is going on. Once leveling is over than doing trenches for pipelines and then starting planting of seeds and saplings, the target is 30 days. Farming practices is ZBSF.

I invite all new entrants towards agriculture can come and take practical training for doing more or less all activities and crops in agriculture from beginning to getting income generation under certain terms and conditions. The location is adjacent to BIAL, Bangalore, city bus connectivity is available for traveling from city & Devanahally and other places.

Interested members can call me for further information.

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Dear Swami,

Thanks for inviting all of us.I really appreciate you for this.
I would like to know about the accomodation part as Iam interested and would like to know the " terms and conditions" for this training.


Also the exact ADDRESS please …

Dear Swamy,
                      Wonderful thinking at the outset. Is the training for qualified farming community or new entrants can also participate? Please let me know. Will be in touch with you.
Truly yours,

The land is situated at Begur Village which is adjacent to Bangalore International Airport.
Locals can travel from any part of Bangalore, even from Chikkaballapura, Doddaballapur and other nearest places.
Outsiders accommodation needs to be arranged on their choice if they wants to stay. 

Presently, land leveling is going on and it may conclude within 2 days.
Then planning and installation of pipelines.

Dear Swamy,

Are there any lodges nearby, and how far is it from the land.
Is there any facility you have arranged for, as you might be also staying there at the site.
You mentioned about the terms and conditions …please let me know those…as it should be prepared and is should  not be a pleasant surprise to me later.


Dear Sir,
Can you call me?

Nice initiative Swamy.
Please post the terms and conditions on the thread so other members can contact you with full information and no hesitation :slight_smile:

Training for relevant subject shall be giving as on when such practical work will taking place for the realistic exposure, which gives maximum knowledge.

At present, for the participants coming from other places shall take care of their lodging and boarding facility on their own risk.

Work starts at early in the morning or at appropriate time; hence trainee should reach to site as per the situation & time given to attend for better learning’s.

During the period of training, certain works may postpone based on the situation, as work has to complete with the help of the workers and machinery.

Training is practical in open field, hence no room, chair, fan etc. Hence learner should bear with such conditions.

Trainees/Learner should take at most care for their safety & security during period of training.

Person coming for training should bring any one of unique character Plant and they should plant it in the training field/farm and take care of the said plant during their training period. 

During the training, under certain un avoidable circumstances, cancellation of training shall be our sole decision.

Today Land levelling is completed up to 90%, remaining needs to be fine tuned after getting rain to meet with vastu principles.
South west corner is the highest elevated following north west, South east and the lowest level is at north east direction.
This to meet with natural forces & better use of them.

Few people came & learned about basics of preparation of land for cultivation.

Meantime electrical lines within the shed is also fitted.

Next activities
Chekking with reliable products for irrigation Pipeline.
Needs to go to collect saplings & planting materials.

Dear Sri Swamy,
  I envy all those participants. Much as I wanted, I could not make it now. Surely I will join as soon as possible.
Sincerely yours,

Completion of first step, another strip of land which was very sloppy added to the land for leveling.
From the lessen learn from other piece of land for leveling, instead of leveling with the hep of one Backhoe loader,
I had 3 of them with 2 tractors for 3 days 70 hours of tractors and 100 hours of backhoe loader to finish the work ASAP.

Accordingly, completed the leveling of land in 5 days at this time the same work which was completed in fifteen 15 days in last time is .

Time to remove eucalyptus trees are only 5 to 10 minutes and the work was very fast.
As usual, fine tuning pending as no rain. Planning to complete it with the help of manual usage of water for plugging the land for fine tune the level.

Water in bore well is about 2 inches which is more than sufficient for cultivation.

We have got new members in our team, they are Karan & Basanthi who are very young and having little knowledge about agriculture in Nepal but not of Indian system of Agriculture.

Training is started for them first in Nursery and they are learning quickly.
Drumstick, jack fruit, spine gourd, tree tomato seeds are planting in nursery bags.
A small shade structure also set up with locally available materials.

Rain playing game with our other activities and adjusting the natures rules to get done our work.

Karan now knows electric line and its important spots where it can give trouble  as he faced water problem in the beginning because of fuse troubled for power supply and it has repaired. Now he can handles such miner problems.

Another little member of Karan’s family is  09 months old Nimisha who oftenly delays all of our work as she wants every thing she wants and she is active in testing every think she sees when work is going. Nimisha is also a relaxing part now, when we deal with her, we become child with her and enjoy happiness of childhood with her. 

Today installation of irrigation i.e drip is started and final cultivation is over.
Will start feeding water to every feet of land from tomorrow with irrigation

Hi Swamy,

Good going…

Can you pl. share some details abt which drip irrigation company did the job, the cost factor etc?

Also do you think having mainline underground is better or above? I thought having it above ground is helpful in terms flexibility to modify them in the future. Pl. share your experience.


I myself doing it, I purchased Sujay Irrigation co products for drip & Supreme for pipes. Cost range differs for various products which I have purchased about 36 different parts to assemble the irrigation facility, even I need further more.

Having main pipeline underground is alway  better for safety and durability as farm work will takes place in each and every part of the land and it should not obstacle for such activity by laying it on ground.

The benefits are protection from sunlight, theft, no obstacle for farm activity, make use of the land above the pipeline for enhancing crop density by By putting the mainline about 15 to 20 under the ground. Operation or controlling of water is not a problem as we have control valves and exhaust end caps etc.

Once perfectly planned and installed, than the pipeline is not required any modifications, if oftenly try to modify it than we cannot expect its durability as we ourself can break it during modification which is very dangerous and costly affair.

Now I can provide water to my land at each and every part @ 3 feet line spacing x 40 cm dripper spacing.
Can grow any kind of crop with my pipeline system, hence modification is not required.

Thanks Swamy. That was informative.


Mr. Swamy,

This looks very well executed. I am tempted to make a visit and learn more, particularly about the laying of drip and feeder lines.

A friend laid pipelines for his farm on the surface and with time, I have witnessed the headache and stress that he has to deal with, mending broken pipelines.

Please post more pictures!

Swamiji, good info and pics (as always )

What is the dimension of the land?. looks like a strip is it?

Don’t you have the sub-mains?  how long can the laterals be?

In the pics did i see 3 pipes? what is the center one doing?

Saw two valves.  Do we get any single valve that can do the same job? like when one is open other is closed.

Recently i have been hearing that micro-sprinklers are good what is your take on that?. And are you availing the subsidy?.

sorry about lots of ?

Dear Hegde,
What is the dimension of the land?. looks like a strip is it?
EW-260 Feets X NS-500 Feets along with bit of land adjacent to (L type) it totaling 3 acres.

Don’t you have the sub-mains?  how long can the laterals be?
Main and sub mains are laid together in the same trench Left sub line Center MAIN Line Right sub line. Idea is to have all three in same trench to save cost towards trench and also for easy operation of control vales in single way for entire land. This Trench also follows a 4 feet road for transportations of agri produce and any necessary items within the farm land.

In the pics did i see 3 pipes? what is the center one doing?
Yes. 2 sub line and center one is Main line pipe carrying water to end of the land.

Saw two valves.  Do we get any single valve that can do the same job? like when one is open other is closed.
Left and right side of the trench are two independent plots for which two independent valves for controlling water.

Recently i have been hearing that micro-sprinklers are good what is your take on that?. And are you availing the subsidy?.
My choice was also sprinklers, I bought Butterfly sprinklers, but on verification of water flow from bore well and voltage fluctuations, we decided to have LLDP in line dripper with the spacing of 40 centimeters space between each drip.
Yes availing subsidy.