Agriculture land rates in kollegal & suitability for agroforestry



hi friends,

I want to know the lowest possible rates of agriculture lands in kollegal and the water source availability. will it be suitable for agroforestry trees like hebbevu, saguvane siveroak etc ?



i am looking to buy 40-60 acres land in kollegala. let me know…


Please help Experts & farm owners :wink:


Hi Ujwal,
looks like we are in the same boat. I been to Kollegal surroundings for Farm Lands. looking to get my hands dirt with agroforestry. been to places around Hannur, Kannur Managal etc., looks majority are growing Corn, Turmeric & Sambar onions. Some farmers are growing Hebbave with some incentive from gov. please call me on +917795803679 to share some ideas.