Agriculture land purchase at Karnataka (Gundelpet)

Hi Friends,
I am from Kerala, not a former(non agriculture) . planning to buy 10 acres of Agriculture land at Karnataka state Near Gundalpet ; Could you please advice and clear my doubt as follow.

  1. Keralite can purchase Agriculture land at Karnataka state ?
  2. It is possible for Non agriculture former to buy agriculture land at Karnataka?
  3. What are things to follow, buy a agriculture land at Karnataka?
  4. I am not pay income tax (returns).
  5. I have no agriculture land in Kerala state.

Waiting for your prompt response in details.

please do not buy land in Karnataka as you are not eligible to buy legally.

you can buy in TN or AP.

Thanks dear,

Please let me know the real reason (Problem). If I buy agriculture land at Karnataka state??

Please waiting for your feedback in this regards

reason is to be eligible to buy agri land you or your parents should be having agri land anywhere in india and should be from agri background.

if govt people think you are simply buying land and not doing agriculture then govt can confiscate land without any compensation.

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In order to buy agriculture land in Karnataka, you need to full fill Section 79 (a) and Section 79(B) of land reform act. which states that the person who buys a agri land should be a farmer anywhere in India, and should not have total income of 25 lacks. (total income from the family).
when you buy the agri land, you can get it registered in the sub register office, where they will not ask you any question during registration. Problem arises only when the document goes from sub registrar to revenue inspector for further process and to issue RTC or Pani in your name,
some Revenue Inspectors will take bribe and say they will do it for you, but its illegal and you will be in trouble later.
so talk to a lawyer, before moving forward.

Thanks dear for your advice… really it’s very important message to me.