Agri Marketing Portal


Article in the HINDU Businessline about a efarmDirect - Farmer’s agri marketing and supply chain portal.

As one of the key issues for farmers is finding buyers and better prices, efarm bridges the gap in using ICT tools to support farmers via web/call centre/sms to reach out to stake holders.

More details :

If you’re from efarm, please work to fix your website ( It has incomplete and conflicting information that is confusing to visitors. Entire sections are under-construction, how-it-works video says you do grassroots work while Hindu article says you only manage the website. FAQ section has 80% questions unanswered.

The site appears like an abandoned building. I remember visiting it months back and getting confused in a similar manner. I hope it will be updated soon. When people visit and fail to get information they want, they are not going to return again and again.

Hi Sir ,

Thanks for your frank feedback … yes, i head efarm and your opinion is very true … as we are a small startup, and stretrched between ground ops and our portal work, havent got time to even update the main website … we had shifted most of our live status updates to facebook & linkedin which also created a more active community rather than the static website … which was easier to mantain whereas the main portal required developers who are expensive :wink:

you will find more updated status of our work at :

do give us a wekk and we will keep teh main site also refreshed … appreciate your concern and continued support…

And I appreciate your response. All the best with your work.

Hi All,

Found this interesting site.which brings together the farmer and end user eliminating the middle man