Agri Land Rush : 5 to 50-Fold Price Rise In Telangana

During FY 18–19, Telangana has crossed Rs 15000 crore Registered value of the Agriculture land transactions with 3.2 lakh acres. It’s only a Govt value and the Market value is some where around 1 lakh crore ( 5 to 10 times of Registered value). The present land cost is 1 crore to 2 crore within 50 KM radius of Hyderabad&Ranga Reddy city limits and 50 to 100 lakhs within 100 KM radius and 10 to 50 lakhs within 200 KM radius of Hyderabad & Ranga Reddy District. Five years back, the cost of the land is some where between 3 to 15 lakhs. Read More…

lot of agri land investors have lost money due to title fraud litigation and even if the titles are clear, encroachments are rampant by politicians and land mafia.

this is the main reason city people stay away from investing in agri lands.

I don’t see this land grabbing or mafia in Telangana. Yes, the title issues are there in Telangana too. To solve this, Telanagana Govt announces Title Insurance revenue model, which will be effective from 2020 April.

even if title insurance is there, it will pay for only the white money or govt value part of sale value. 75-90% value will be in black/cash. will the insurance cover black money too ?

If we go for full value registration, it will covered that. But its good move why because insurance companies will take care of Title Verification, Legal and Ancestral details. Hence at least documentation and verification burden will be minimised and farmers are also get better price.