Agri-boys trained in hi-tech -precision farming available ready for hiring

As i earlier notified in this public forum about some Agri boys that are trained in hi-tech cultivation -PRECISION FARMING - I would like to invite your kind attention on the availability of  just two boys for immediate hiring…

The details of training given to these boys are
1.Land preparation
2.Hybrid vegetable nursery production
3.Soil fortification
4.Planting methods- Crop geometry -spacing
5.Drip irrigation and water management
6.Integrated nutrient management involving conventional fertilizers and organic fertilizers - Foliar spray and Drip fertigication and chemigation
7.Organic pesticide and synthetic pesticide - spray as well as soil application
8.Spray mixing ration and spray operation
9.Pest and disease identification and selection of right spray chemicals
10.Hormone spray
11.Pruning and staking
13.Harvest and grading , sorting and marketing

Further these boys have done schooling in Agriculture vocational course for two years in PUC at kanagamachatram near chennai and tutored by one of my senior Agriculture Entomologists . After completion of two years of vocational Agriculture course , I have picked up these few boys and put them under 100 % practical training in the actual cultivation field …

AIM of this training is

For the Boys

Identify the rural talents that are poor in family background  , train them in specific Agriculture technologies and finding them an opportunity to develop personal and career  life

For the Person / Institution that is hiring these Agri boys

To produce high yield and generate more farm income from Unit area in a short time …

Anybody who is interested to hire these boys can directly call them to their  mobile - 8124788823

Dear Dr Ramu sir,

So nice. Very shortly,I will be in touch with you, regarding my new project. I will be in need of one or two boys,trained by you.

Can I know the details of your next visit at Rajkumar’s land, devanahalli or Bengaluru visit. we want to utilise few hours of your valid time, on our request.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,      farmer.

Hi Ramu Sir

Hats off to you. This is a great initiative. Hope you educate many more & your students pass on knowledge further down.

Best Wishes.

Dearest G.P.Rao sir
Thank you very much for extending your support …I am happy that your good self start new project …Really very big opportunity exist in farming sector .In fact I wanted to form an Association under your leadership and strongly believe you can coordinate fellow farmers in sharing hi tech farming knowledge among the members …I hope the association can help farmers produce quality produce of the kind that is demanded in national and international market …A strong farmers association has power to handle big task like this …I trust in your great ability and knowledge to think deeply about this proposal …why I am telling you this that In tamilnadu one commodity group operating in banana is earning like anything by exporting to so many foreign countries …if your good self lead this proposed association ,definitely you can make all the fellow farmers rich…we will discuss when we meet in person …
Thank you once again

Dear friend Sri.said
Thank you for your support

Dear Dr Ramu sir,

We will utilise your coming visit,to the extent possible.We will discuss the possible best.
pl inform me in little advance.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear sir
Sure I will inform your good self in advance …


Ramu, you gave the details of what they have and what can be expected, can you also please share some thoughts on following

  1. Expected salary for these guys.
  2. Their location constraints
  3. Their capacity (how much acreage can they take care)
  4. Any other details that might interest a potential employer

I saw your note with your phone number, but these details in the forum would help get them hire quickly than speaking to only those interested.

In the current market, more than the agricultural product, there is higher demand for knowledgeable and skill agricultural  employee.

Thank you my dear friend , for having considered my request to hire Trained Agri-Boys …I was told these two boys were already hired by some of our forum members…

Since I was training a few boys only , I could spare just two now…However I think of training many more Agri boys in near future …

I did not specify the salary structure for these boys and left this option to be decided between the Agri Boys and the one who is hiring them …

I train these boys to work under any critical circumstances and the pay may be decided by the employer according to the level of work load and extent of cultivation …

The boys are trained in hi tech production and their responsibility is to generate as much income as possible from unit area of cultivation .Say highest possible yield per acre …

Again I wish to express my sincere thanks


Dear Ramu,
Would your boys work in Hyderabad in Polyhouse.

Dear Ramu sir,

I saw this post and thread just now.  I need one or two such boys to work near Hyderabad.  Really you are doing a great service to agriculture by training this type of boys. 

Please inform me the name and contact no. of such boys or anybody who can handle a farm near hyderabad. 

I also look forward to meeting you at Bangalore.  Please inform me also about your next trip to Bangalore in advance and how to contact you. 

Thanks and regards. 

BVR Kumar. (09989090026) (

Dear friend
I have just trained four boys only on trial basis  . I have already sent two boys to one of my friend to work in Tamilnadu …Only two more boys are waiting and they even speak Telugu …

I am about to start an export oriented commercial vegetable and fruit farming project in vellore district in Tamilnadu in over 75 acres for my friend who resigned IT job in US and actively pursuing farming now …I wanted to recall these two boys from Bangalore to work in Tamilnadu

However I consider your request to employ these two boys in your farm …I will recruit fresh boys from Agri schools for our project in vellore …

Since current project is big in scale , need to work more and start from scratch , I find it difficult to visit Bangalore again
However I will sure invite you  to our project site when we kick start the project …
So that you can learn exact farm plan and methods of working on real export oriented commercial project …The project site is located just on foot hills of mountains , I strongly believe your visit may make you happier like walking in an alien land with evergreen ground cover with varieties of vegetables and fruits …
You may also learn some technology that might benefit you …
For boys contact please call …9513193309 /8489339290

Ramu Sir, 

Thanks for your prompt reply.  I will call them tomorrow morning.  Any name of the person to contact?

Thanks and regards.  BVR Kumar.

Hi Sir,

I required 2 boys, to work in farm for growing vegetables, will provide working accommodation, farm is near to Bangalore, around  40kms from city,

Do confirm when are they available


Dear sir
Thank you for your response…I don’t know the present status of the boys . The were negotiating with so many other forum members about their employment t in their farm.However I provide their mobile numbers where you can reach them and confirm their availability …

8124788823 , 8489339290

I am attaching the picture of the boys shot in direct field work for your perusal and further decision…
Boys have great potential to work in an innovative methods

See attached picture of boys working in the field… The way you handle the boys they will produce excellent result

Thanks sir,
Will discuss with boys and update later

Thank you for your courtesy and be blessed

You are doing great service by training these boys.
When will the next batch of boys be available for employment?

Thank you dear friend dds…I am just helping poor boys learn and gain the skill in the area of my expertise that is needed much in the present situation of commercial agriculture …
See your god in the smiling face of poor that will bring you eternal bliss …