Age Estimation in Cattle

While “googling” about how to make an estimate about age of a cattle (cow) I came across to the wonderful research… Many of us would have come across a scenario where we need to estimate the age of a cattle but are unable to do so accurately. The method mentioned in the linked file is well researched as well as simple to be followed by anyone.

I am not sure about the copyright issue and hence I’m putting the link to the .pdf file.$file/age-determination-guide.pdf

Click on “Guidelines for Age Verification” on the page that will open after you click on the above link. Otherwise copy the entire link address and paste it in the address bar of your browser. [color=brown](Mod edit: placed the link within url tags so it opens correctly on click)[/color]

Similar but a bit less indepth analysis is given here… … ation.html

Note: This method is suitable for Exotic cows and their cross breeds. This might not be a suitable method to estimate age of Indian cows. I would request experts to shed some light here. Are there any other reliable methods that you follow or have heard of, if yes, please share the same here.