Advise on Coconut inter crop

2 acrs farm land with drip. Please advise inter crops along Coconut addressing issues such as
(1) minimum labour involvement
(2) not of attraction to elephant.

Will Coconut and drum sticks, or Coconut and neem, work for me?

If your soil is suitable for turmeric or banana you can cultivate them.
You can start rearing of desi cows and cultivate fodders as intercrop. Your soil will enriched.

Thanks madam. Banana is ruled out as elephants are too tempted by the crop.Neem, Aluvera are my options I believe.

I have tried Elephant foot yam with coconut farm as inter crop, Minimal labour cost. The crop has good lifetime no time constraints to sell.
No idea if elephants would let them grow.

Drumsticks may be good option, I have planted few stems 2 months ago, got to see the results.

Dear S Gayathri,
You can go for Neem, Aluvera & cotton if you can sell it with out any trouble.also you can go for castor plants @ a distance of 3 feet apart. this plant never eat by elephants. You can store the crop & selling price is good.

Best regards,

Azhar 2345

Wow! Dear mr Azar, good insight. I value your advice.

This plight is after solar fencing, not harm gentle gaints.

Dear gayathries,

thank you very much for valuing my advice. right now @ what stage you are for your 2 acre of land, please update in the farm.

Best Regards,


Want your opinion on Nutmeg and shatavari inter croping Coconut. Want to hear from people with experience.