Advise need for cocunut Farming

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Recently We have sapled 43 coconut plants in our land and i need some advise to maintain regulary.After six month of sapling few of the coconut plats dried .Can someone please share cocnut farming advise and experience .

I am also interested --I BOUGHT 70 nos. Deejay hybrids at Rs 450 Each but at lease 20 Died–Deejay guys were playing around Blaming the location, water etc

Now I have about 60 (added more) — Looking fwd to advice total care

What season was this planted ? Did Deejay give you any guidelines before planting.

This was planted last year(2018) november and i didn’t get advise.

I planted about 10 months back— When they visited the site they said that sufficient water was not provided --But among neighboring plants which were watered equally, one failed and the other was growing-- I cd not accept the logic–They wanted to not replace them-- view gave excuses --I do not have the time to chase companies who do not have concern for customers and provide after sales service --Added Hybrid ones, lot cheaper but growing fine

The size of pits for planting would rely on soil types and water table. In loamy soils with low water table, pit size of 1 x 1 x 1 m is prescribed. In laterite soils with fundamental shake, take bigger pits of size 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 m. In sandy soils, the size of pits might be 0.75x 0.75 x 0.75 m. The pits might be topped off with topsoil to a tallness 60 cm beneath the ground level. In low lying terrains, take shallow pits and as the plant develops, raise the ground level by including residue and sand to cover the whole bole of the palm. A similar technique can be received when planting is done on hills or bunds. Internment of two layers of husks in the floor of the pits will be helpful for dampness preservation. The husk is to be covered in layers with inward surface confronting upwards. Subsequent to orchestrating each layer, sprinkle carbaryl 10% dust on the husk to anticipate colonization by termites.

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