Advise for a fresh farmer

Dear experts,

I need advise/suggestion or experts solutions.

i am new to this holy business of filling the stomach of living bodies and become farmer just 1 year back after leaving my 13year old job in social sector. last year was not really good for me and i did not even fetch enough income from 3 acre land what i invested due to failed bore. i tried my hand on paddy than tomato and brinjal and currently harvesting wheat.


Situation analysis is here


  1. LAND -

3 acre land, soil type is “matasi”. completed land leveling 2 days back and cow dung of 12 tractor already applied on field. all 3 acre land is fenced.

  1. Manpower -
    dedicate care taker and personally myself visit on land everyday for approx 8 hr. and do whatever work possible to me. dont have any hesitation with mud as my fater came from farmers family, who is retired soil scientist from KVK.

  2. Water -
    one borewell with 1inch water and going for another borewell in next couple of weeks, hope this time i will get good water.

  3. Money -
    very limited which i would like to use wisely. specifically mentioning this to avoid hitech idea/suggestions like aquaphonic, hydrophonic or polyhouse.

  4. Animal -
    2 desi cows which i bought yesterday @ 5000/ milk is around 3 kg/day. purpose of cow is to get pure milk for personal use and dung and urine for preparing panchagaya, jeeva mrit and beejamrit.


Short term plan - planning to sow turmeric and ginger on 1.5 acre, corn on .5 acre, yam or elephant foot on 1/4 acre, 1/4 acre paddy(vishnubhog variety) and vegetables on .5 acre like lady finger, guard, cucumber, karela, spinch.

[i]plz suggest me about ginger and turmeric plantation what other crop i can take with them, is papaya or banana i can take with this ?

also here as for my knowledge no one buy raw turmeric and i dont have dryer and peeler so if any one know traditional method of drying and peeling plz share it with me if possible video plz[/i]

Long term plan -

Is to setup a dairy of desi breed cow, planning to start with 10 cows.

also thinking of mango, guava, like tree plantation and take inter crop under these plant till they or after as well .

kindly advise me

with kind regards
Ramesh singh

ps-if any one need pics of land etc.plzzzz

One thing I can suggest is to go for bigger plantations of single crop. If you put 1/2 acre of each, then you will have difficulty maintaining each crop as they have different maintenence methods, diseases, pests, etc.

Minimum of 1 acre per crop and you will have sizable harvests also.
Same goes for dairy, only if you milk somewhere around 200 lts per day will you be able to see some money, otherwise it is just timepass.

This is my experience and personal opinion.

Good luck.

Thank you nikhil for your kind input, problem is i am not getting enough seedling of ginger and turmeric and cost is also very high as very few farmers grow ginger and turmeric here.

Seedling which i am getting for planting is from horticulture department and from near by district which is 220 km away from my place and the reason why planting area is small. next year when i have my own seedlings i definetely go for bigger area.

is it possible to take ginger and turmeric as intercrop with papaya ?

Dear Sri Green.Heart,

I also opine that the advises recommended by Sri Nikhil is correct and worth in practice.

They may be followed for a good result.

Up to my knowledge, the seed material of Ginger is at its one time lowest price. In and around, Bengaluru, Karnataka, the ginger seed bag of 62 KGS, of Rio_De_geneiro, a hybrid variety, one of the best high yielding variety of ginger is sold at around rs 1,250/_ to rs 1,500/_, is at , as low as rs 17/to rs 24/ per kg.

In and around Hassan, Karnataka state, the Nati variety,(desi) ( un known brands ), is available for sale in between rs 900/ to rs 1,100/_ per bag of 62 KGS ginger seed material.

In Kerala also, some of the good hybrid variety seedling ginger is available for less than rs 25/_ 35/_ per kg.

These are only for your benefit and sincere suggestions. Please try.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear Members,
I am planning to cultivate Ginger. Where I can get Rio de Jeneiro variety rhizome in & around Bangalore. Please share some contacts.
Hari Prasad

Dear Sri Hari Prasad,

Sir,  Recently, five days back, I and one sri China Swamy sir , met one gentle man of Devanahalli, by name Sri Ramesh, regarding to purchase of ginger seed variety,  Rio De Generio, one good ginger variety, for availability of its seed material.

Sri Ramesh of Devanhalli gave us the addresses of 3 local farmers, who have grown above said variety of ginger , under his guidance , and now they are interested to sell their seed material.

One farmer near sulibele on devanahalli_hoskote road, one near melaikote near Nandhi hills and one near Gundamgiri of Doddaballapura district.

The undersigned saw the shown seed material of Rio De Generio, ginger.

If you are interested in seed material of Rio de generio variety, you can meet or talk to Sri Ramesh on 9845529324, or 8970779999
and hope, you may, can have the details, only on request. Then you inspect the ginger seed material and come to a conclusion.

It is only an advise from a fellow farmer and you may proceed further if you like the seed material and price, terms etc.

With good wishes,  g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for given me the contact. I will contact Sri Ramesh for further details.

Hari Prasad


Turmeric you can get it in Erode district (In Tamilnadu) ,

This video explains turmeric processing

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