Advice Required on Flower Farming near Bangalore

Greetings to All FarmNest Members,

I signed up to get info on the above subject. Request everyone to advice me on it…

My friend has around 15 acres of plot near Bangalore (20 Kms from Yelahanka or 8 Kms from Gouribidnur) Karnataka. He was advised about leasing/renting the land to a Multi National Corporation for flower farming.

Kindly advice on how to go about this or what are the other options to generate a regular income for himself.

Thanking each and everyone who will reply to this…

I have been reading information available on the forum and online but i still require FarmNest members help in collating the data.

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Are you currently having any crops in the field?
Are you doing chemical or organic farming?
Will you be doing organic farming once the lease/rental is over?

How much is the rental they are offering per year(per acre)?
How long is the lease/rental they are requesting?
Will the company be doing chemical or organic farming?

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Dear Sri Acesuresh,

Lease near gowribidanur is around rs 10,000/_ to rs 12,000/_ per acre, per anum, if no much facilities are available in land like bore well with motor , house , fencing etc.

If all facilities are existing ,lease will be around rs 20,000/_ and above.

The distance between yelahanka to gowribidanur is around 75 kms and bengaluru centre to yelahanka is around 15 kms. Pl check the distances as mentioned by you.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer

Thank you, Mr.Padmanaban Ganesan and Mr.G.P.Rao…

I was wrong in giving the distance measurements. Its 74 Kms from Yelahanka.

Mr.Ganesan… I believe currently there is Nilgiris tree in some part of the land.

No offers have come forward, i would like to know what are options could be explored with this kind of land and in this location.

Thank you…