Advice regarding payment to a fellow farmer/consultant


I am a first-time farmer starting off with growing roses near Hosur open cultivation.  A fellow farmer (a friend’s friend) has helped me identify a land for lease and has promised to help me kick start the process from scratch, which includes preparing the bed, drips, the fertilizers to be used, and then the variety of rose saplings, labor, marketing etc.  Since I want this to start off and go smoothly based on which I can learn and get the confidence and take up bigger projects, this farmer’s help is a necessity and very vital to my progress.  I need to know what sort of an arrangement would do justice both to him and me.  I was thinking of a percentage of the profits when it starts coming in.  Should the profits be shared 75%-25% or 90%-10% (the major part to me as the complete investment be it land, saplings, fertilzers etc etc is mine).  Please advice. 

Dear Sri RajeshP,
Congrats  for your broadmind to honour the farmer who helped you and going to help in crop time.

Pay him some amount lumsum , for the work he did for services till so far , which you feel, and/or pay some amount periodically, say per month. You can pay some amount @ say per KG of Rose flowers produced , for regular production. This helps you, as he will give his services continuously. In this he is not concerned on your expenditure and or prices what you are getting in markets.

If you commit for sharing in profits, you have to ,maintain Income and expenditure accounts for entire daily process, and he will enter in to your expenditures accounts, market rates and unnecessarily you will have to maintain and will be liable to others, who did not invest any money, and it may leads to loose his services also. of course it may not happen, but why to invite any problems. Fact, as said by you is, it is your investment.

Friendly, with my experiance only , I am suggesting you.,

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Hi Rajesh

Congrats. I am also fresher like you & doing cultivation of Papaya from 3 months. I also have good friend of mine from village helping out. But in my case people around know only siri culture. Money & Brains are mine. Where as he helps in arranging for contract labor, FYM, JCB & basic agri advice etc(Based on friendship. no fee). I am also thinking about this from some time. Good to see discussion on this. I only visit over weekends & plan major work only on those days. Are you dedicating full time Or it is partially managed by your farmer friend? As per me …this also plays major role in deciding share  :slight_smile:

Dear G.P.Rao Sir

Great advice Sir. These things comes only with experience. Starters like me are lucky to get guidance from you & many other experienced farmers in the forum.

Best Regards