ADVICE needed on type of plantation for a DRY land

Hi all,
I have a land of about 10 acres in chitradurga, Karnataka. The lands around chitradurga are very dry. Even with a borewell at times we are out of water.
Need strong advice on what kind of plantation can be done on such type of lands. And profitable advice is needed please.  :wink: Also if there are any new type of plants that can be cultivated please let me know on that aswell.


You should research on Pomegranate to see if that will work for you soil and weather conditions. They are known to do well in dry conditions, actually they prefer that way.


Dear Sri thelayer, your area is quite good for most of the horticulture crops. Can say one of the best area for horticulture crops.

I want to advise you to collect the water sample and get it tested for EC and PH. Only water EC differs from one area to other. Get the sample of your soil and be tested by any organisation.

One more suggestion is go around your area@ 100 kms radius and observe the crop pattern. You also take a decision that how much time you can spare for your crops in your land. ( ie; stay in the land, or a visitor daily,full timer or once in a required time or rare only investing and get it done by employees etc ).

On receiving the above information, Any of our forum member farmers and/or consultants will suggest you on the crop. wish you the best,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Thanks for the reply senthil. I have heard pomegranate is very hard on the maintenance side…should be very very careful not to get the plants infected and it is prone to get infected easily if even an inch of error is there.

@ Rao sir, thanks for the reply. I will surely have the water and soil tested. There is a lot of water scarcity in that area. Hence i am looking for a plantation that would need less of water. Also i have done a resarch on the kind of plantation that farmers around there do. Mainly they grow onions, corn, sunflower.
Also i would like to say that i will have the work done through employees only and that my visit would be minimal. Please suggest accordingly. Thanks

Dear Sri thelayer,

Newtons 3 rd law, even works here. Lesser the investment, lesser the profit and lesser risk and more the investment, more profit and more risk.

one basic , which should not be forgotten is " never compete with local regular farmer ".If so very rare chances to make money. Likewise in corn, sunflower, onion etc, risk is minimal and profit also will be on lower side.

First come out, saying what is your interest. Money making are passion. When you can not spend your time and money, for passion you can do the above said crops, yearly once ie; in the rainy season comfortbly. I suggest you to do these crops organically and/or naturally. Risk is very less.

All the best to you,    g.p.rao,  farmer