Advice needed on crop choice for protected vegetable cultivation

Hello friends,

I am a newcomer to this forum but have gained a lot of knowledge from the insightful posts on every topic that exist here. I thank you all for sharing your wisdom. Little bit of background on us - We are a group of professionals working in vegetable farming in the state of Telangana for the past 4 years. Recently, we have been exploring protected cultivation as a addition to our work. After a lot of research and considering the cost factors and climate of the region we have decided to go for mix of poly house and net house (with more emphasis on net house). The overall acreage of the project we are planning for protected cultivation is around 10 acres.

As a first step, we wanted to plan the crops we should go for. While the usual suspects (Capsicum, Tomato, Cucumber) are a given as being high value for protected cultivation, I wanted your suggestions on alternative crops that could be viable for protected cultivation with your experience on the same. Specifically any answers to the following questions would be greatly appreciated:

[li]List of crops that you have done in shadenet/polyhouse till date[/li]
[li]General overall experience of each crop [/li]
[li]General Cost and Revenue and Profitability of each crop[/li]
[li]Difficulty in crop management of each crop[/li]
[li]Any package of practice you might have for the crop[/li][/ol]

Also, if any of you have done shade net house or poly house production, please message me your number, I would love to talk to you for your experience.

Kaushik K
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Hello Kaushik,

Nice to see that you have got into Vegetable Cultivation. You have not mentioned if
you are Cultivation method is free from Chemicals.

I am giving you some links on protected cultivation. 

This is about a company which helps in erection of Bamboo frame Polyhouse.

A report on Low-Cost Polyhouse Technologies For Higher Income and Nutritional Security … spl_11.pdf

Wishing you the best.

KS Raj

Hello Mr. Raj,

Thanks a lot for your reply. We are currently doing 100% natural farming in open cultivation. I have met Mr. Edke of Thousand Petals and am in discussion with him to setup bamboo poly house as well. I will take a look at the second link you’ve shared - thanks.

Do you have any suggestions on the crops to be chosen for the protected cultivation other than the usual choices of Cucumber, Capsicum, Tomato? All the project reports and examples I’ve found are focused on those three. I understand that these are high value crops but I’m trying to find examples of farmers who’ve done other vegetables in poly houses and net houses and had success.

+91 9999845244