Advances in agricultural sciences

Advanced agriculture technology finds solution for world food problems

Dear Dr Ramu Sir,

Namaskar sir. This is a dream or true. Hope it should be a fact.

if fact, what is the variety of moringa olifera, it is. also brinjal.

Photos and contents are superb.

Please clarrify sir.

well wisher,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Wow! What are these varieties and where are these being grown?

The pods on drumstick tree are more than the leafs… :slight_smile:

Great! Please give some more details, Ramu ji.


what an wonderful sight to see.
if this is true NO farmer in India will think of committing  suicide.
can u share  the availability of seed / plants of these type?

This can be true if Israel opens up its knowledge to Indian farmers

Israel a world leader in agricultural research and development, which has led to dramatic increases in the quantity and quality of the country’s crops.
The drive to increase yields and crop quality has led to the development of new seed and plant varieties, as well as to innovations such as a soil conditioner substance (vermiculite) which, when mixed with local soils, boosts crop yields, and drip irrigation

Agricultural ties with Israel helping Indian farmers … 265558.cms