Acacia - to cultivate or not to cultivate?

I have bought around 2 acres of land near Koppa(-thirthahali road). This land has enough water resources and mud is of clay type(jedi)  The previous owner has planted acacia all over which are of around 1 year old. I will be non-resident farmer for next 7-8 yeas atleast. I am in a confusion

I keep hearing that acacia is not good for soil with k’taka govt itself banning in govt lands. Can i continue with these plants for next 3-4 years and then return to normal farming or does it make sense to take them out and plant something like ‘melia dubia’.
I am planning for multicrop with coconut, arecanut with some fruit trees going forward.

Kindly suggest.


Accacia is not banned. It is Eucalytpus which is banned.

Since it is already planted you may leave it for another 10 years.

Melia dubia will not thrive in those parts(thats what I heard). You can try planting few saplings. You will know the results within a year.

Arecanut,Banana are best suited.