About mushroom and its farming


Mushrooms are usually the fruit of a large fungus. Which grows underground. Mycelium is a forest that can stay underground for a very long time. When a favorable environment is found, such as food, humidity, and temperature, its buds seek light during the day. This is how a mushroom is born. Usually, a white-ball-like mushroom grows fast. Which we can easily see in the field or the forest.

Mushroom Cultivation Methods
To grow mushrooms, select good-quality paddy or wheat husks and cut them into 3 to 4 cm pieces. Wheat straw extracted from the thresher is more convenient as the hassle of cutting the straw is saved. Growing this type of mushroom requires a 100 gauge plastic bag measuring 2 x 20 cm, formalin (2%), carbendazim (Bavistin) medicine, and seeds (in a spanbottle). First, soak the straw (extracted from the thresher) in plain freshwater for four to eight hours. Then drain the excess water or soak the straw in hot water at 40C temperature for one hour and then drain the water and fill it in a plastic bag only after it cools down.
When the moisture content of the straw prepared in this way is up to 5-20%, it should be applied as mentioned above. . Fill the seed span at the rate of 5% of straw (500 gm per 10 kg of a straw) and apply light pressure every time after the layer. Once the bag is full, tie its mouth tightly and make 30 to 50 small holes with stitches on all four sides so that air can circulate. The sacks thus prepared are arranged on wooden horses for 20 to 30 ° C for 15 days. Keep the temperature in a dark place with 5 to 20% humidity. Thus in 15-20 days, the straw will be completely covered by the white stalk (mycelium). Then open the plastic bag by opening the plastic bag with a sharp knife. Doing so will produce a mushroom-like mushroom in four to five days and a mushroom ready for cutting in a week. Which can be harvested and sold.