A to Z of Organic/Natural Farming

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I want to make this thread a complete “Newbie Compliant” in terms of Organic Farm practice.
Please make this thread as a Guide/Tutorial for enthusiastic growers who want to jump to organic farming.

Topics I would like everyone to contribute in this thread :

[li] Organic Certification Process. Major vendors/3rd party certification providers in India. Cost involved. [/li]
[li]Conversion time line. Steps involved. Timeline difference between uncultivated land vs. inorganically cultivated land. [/li]
[li]Organic Fertilizers viz., More information on vermicompost, FYM, vermiwash, trichoderma etc. What application per Acre need per crop - kind of information [/li]
[li] Organic Pesticides[/li]
[li] Expected Yield (crop consensus) Year wise details if any.[/li]
[li] Current Market demands for Organic Products [/li]
[li] Learning experience (ex., Subash Palekar’s zero budget farming, TNAU’s farm grown formula etc) [/li]
[li] Success Stores

Feel free to edit/update the list as needed.

PS: Add a subheading in your posting to which topic you are contributing to.

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Thanks Naren. This is a good idea.

I suggest we compile all references of of information, links and experiences on the wiki page to serve as an easy structured reference and have all questions and discussion on this topic. I can create an id for you (and anyone who is interested) on the wiki if you are okay to update the page when you have time. Please let me know what you think.

Natural/Organic Farming Wiki page: farmnest.com/Natural+and+Organic+Farming


Dear Chandra,

Thanks for creating the wiki page. Would wait for sufficient & relevant responses, based on that wiki can surely be updated.

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Dear Naren,

I will give some  aspects of organic certification. Real procedure is you have to oath with God, ie. not

use any  products  otherthan listed. In Middle east Real organic farm not allowed the entry any

  agri. inputs  from out side. Farm itself is place where  recycling nutrient factory. Only  non treated

seeds , Humic acid, Fulvic acid, Sea weed extract,Lime ,Sulphur, Oil cakes, Sulphate of potash  etc

purchase from outside.  6 km X 6 km farm  keep 500 sheep, 250 goat, 500 piegion, 10 cows. 

There will be  central irrigation  station with biofermentation (Liquid fertilizers) along with irrigation

water. But in  states like Kerala land possession is less, I don’t how  organic farming certification

suit  with such type of situation. There is no criteria to identify the used restricted inputs. I am a

witness of all. My openion is  GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) is trustworthy system. Certification

Agencies appointing non  agri Graduates as inspectors, They simply wander and  make reports.

If  certification agencies concentrate tribels, then we can assume it is organic, Because their

financial situation not allow to purchase costly inputs.  So  we can see sincere ,trust worthy  Organic

farming  system in Kerala.

For more Detalis plse contact  Mr.Bobby ISSAc , Director Lacon-  Organic certifying Agency,Thiruvalla,

Kerala  and he is my good friend, he will provide you all information

Mo.09447004902, see the website .

Thank you

Good luck

i also experienced the same while working at a certification agency and left the same with great dissatisfaction. The certification agencies give certificates for money only, instead, what Mr Suresh said, “Default Organic” products are far better than the so called certified organic products.

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Hi All,

Good to see this thread. I know this thread will be bombarded by Certificate givers  rather than real Organic Farmers. This is like ISO 9000. . Every tom, dick and harry wants to explain why you need a certificate and wants to certify you and rip you off in the process.

I think after going thru a lot of stuff on Organic Farming , its methods etc right from Fukuoka to Palekars and also going thru Cowherds threads is to believe that the real benefit of going organic is for the farmer himself !!.  The soil gets enriched etc etc.

Wait for some results from me. I am trying out the following on my 6 Acre of land with Black Soil. Going half with Organic and other half as recommended by the Scientists. (is feeding plants with NPK , augmenting soil with additives etc etc.).



  please check below link of organic company who provide certification without any cost to farmer and also buy the produce .


Disclaimer : I am no where related to this company, I only visited them once and the told, its 3 years process, no cost to farmer, they provide free training to  farmer for making natural fertilizers etc etc.
Hope this info helps.


the certification is a big game . it is better not to get involved in this at all.
also the so called bogus experts in organic farming who publicise in many internet forums promising heaven and doing nothing only 
one has to be very careful.

don’t we have any other methods to ensure organic products other than certification?
It is another way to take farmer’s money by brainwashing them.Who need certificate to buy farm product?

In INDIA in the name of Organic farming people are being given an impression that it is a lifestyle living, but STANFORD UNIVERSITY research some time back has proved that there is no great difference in the Organic and Regular cultivation except the benefit to the Environment and moreover the inputs required for Organic cultivation needs to be monitored from time to time.
Further we do not have any Statutory Authority to monitor and certify Organic produce.
Let the farmer do his duty and he knows  what is best…rather than coerce him to otherwise.

Wondering who in this world can be at loss because of  organic/“sustainable” /natural farming. Fertilizer companies are at stake? their investment and future plans?
Which university in this world is not funded/influenced by corporates ? What is the guarantee that there is no vested interest in this report form SU?

Go back to 1964, all farming practices in India was more or less one and the same and Farmer name itself indicated the brand for any buyer.
Mysore Silk, Mysore sandal wood, Dharwad peda, Coorg Orange, Nanjangudu Rasa baale etc of Karnataka, Red Sanders of Rayalaseema, Pullaih sweets of AP, Vadilal Ice cream etc of every where was/is branded even today only through their special characters, tastes, making/ growing methods, places, process etc but not with the help of certificates.

Nowadays people asking certificates for everything without following their elders advice, life style or the way of leading life. People with human qualities was very happy without any such certificates. Now everything requires certification.

@vibgyor links, @seshuko,
The Stanford University report is already under discussion at http://farmnest.com/forum/natural-farming-organic-farming/is-organic-farming-natural-farming-practical/msg6416/#msg6416

I am a farmer for Dist. Bijnor, UP. I have recently contacted an organization dealing in organic products to sell my produce where chemicals were not used for cultivation but I dont have certification for that land. Company reverted me asking for certification first and then I started searching about it.
Well organic products fetch you good return however they cant be sold in open market and to sell them to such organizations you need certification.

Need advise from experts.