8 Acres Land for Lease in Warangal

Hi All,

I have 8 acres of land in Warangal Telangana, The land is close to CIty ( 10 Km Away ).

The Site has Great access to Main Road as well as Internal roads.

We have Enough Water for Cultivation, I am planning to have a couple of 6 1/2 bores in 8 Acres of land. I can work with Potential Partners.

I am interested in Multicrop, Organic Farming, Aqua Farming, Freeracnch poultry farming.

I can Join as a Partnership or Lease the land. Please come up with your ideas, we can work out in a better way.

Please reach me at 9885357959 or Venkatcms@gmail.com


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Anyone Interested in a Joint venture. I am still looking for a potential partner.