5 Layer model with less maintenance

Hi All,

I have 3 acres of light sandy and gravel type land with good water source both canal and borewell around 80 KM from Vijayawada market with transport facility.

As I can’t arrange regular supervision of my land I want to go for long term plants with moderate income through natuaral farming.

As per my research I am planning something like 5 layer method but want to avoid regular maintainance.

Almond,Coconut,Neem plants as fencing for supporting old barbed fencing
Karonda,Pineapple,Henna,castor as 2nd layor
Most varities of Non Hybrid Fruit plants in between 15yr ageed mango palnts
Some Banana and Drumstick plants on the lines trenches.

As most of above plants require 15 days once maintainance(Other than water in Sunny days) I am planning like this.

Please suggest or guide if my understanding is not correct as I don’t have ground level exp in Agriculture other than theoretical knowledge.


Hi Balaji,

Let me know if u were able to find better solution for this, because we have also similar problem about regular maintenance.