5 acre natural ( organic ) farms for sale at arcot ( near kanchipuram , chennai)

5.5 Acres (Organic) Natural Farm at Arcot, Vellore , with Full Infrastructure and business Model for regular Income, for Sale Only Serious people contact: 9940028160 ( WattsApp) , IT people first preference ( approx 13 km intersection, in Bangalore - Chennai Highway, )

with all infra, Including Solar Motor Pump, Solar Drier Poly House Unit, for Herb’s value add, Cow Shed, Labour shed, 2 Rain Gun, Free EB Service, 3 farms (fish) pond, 100 Teak, 36 coconuts in yield, 40+ mango in yield, and others.

Expected Price 11.5 .Lacs/ acre Inclusive of all infra.


Could you please tell me about the solar pump you have installed, and your experience with it? How much does it cost, what hp pump it can handle? And what happens in the monsoon months?

Your comments will be appreciated as I am thinking of installing one.


K Dubash.