4 Acres land available

I have a 4 acre agricultural land in Vaniyambadi, presently half of the land is Teakwood tree planted, one and acre with Mango trees, and one and half acre land is utilized for peanut growth. It seems I am not utilizing the land properly, so far I have not gain any money from this land. There is no water facilities. No borewell here. All depends on rain water only.

I need expert advice with regard to monetization of this land.

Thank you.
Haroon Basha

What is the income from the Mango Trees? What expenses do you have? Would love to know the income and expense just to understand your statement better.

I suggest you to dig a pond of half acre which will be enough to grow other tree based crops.

Go for short term crops like Drumstick as this will grow easily and quickly and it will need less water. You can even plant drumstick in between the lines of mango and not necessarily in the other parts.

Hello Mr Ganesan,
Thank you very much for your esteemed response.
Only last year we had seen mangoes on the tree in small number, may be this year we will have in all the 100 tries. Annually I have around Rs.50,000 expenses for watering the trees and fertilizers. I bought this lad five years ago, and planted teakwood tree and mango tree. And I have cultivated peanut four times during this period. No actual income at all so far.
Can you please let me know about digging the pond, how can we supply water to the pond?
Are Drumstick required water or no?
Thank you.
Best regards.

Dig a pond at the lowest point of your land. You should be able to find out this by observing the water stagnant portion in your land. This way the water can be easily collected.

Dig trenches around the farm, may be 1 to 3 ft based on your needs. Also, dig trenches in between the rows of trees (against the slope) and connect all this to the pond. Even a single rain should be enough to collect 5 ft of rainwater.

I suggest based on your financial capability to go for bigger ponds (depthwise) but check whether the land is suitable for the pond.

You can approach the BDO officers in your area for getting the pond dug through govt schemes. You have enough time from now to the next rains to get hold of them and see whether this is possible through them.

Don’t spend too much on the peanut cultivation as it is very labour intensive.

Once you have the water in your land, you can plan other things.