2HP Solar Water Pumping System @ Vadamadurai, near Chennai

Dear All,

Here is the link to a short video of our another recent solar water pumping system installation;


[glow=red,2,300]Project Capacity: 2Hp Borewell Pump erected at 120Ft depth[/glow]

[glow=green,2,300]Type of pump: 2Hp 3phase V4 Borewell Submersible Pump
Total Area in acres: 2 acres
Type of Application: Pumping from borewell to overhead tank
Location: Vadamadurai, near Chennai
Bore Depth: 140ft
Peak Discharge: 1 1/2" delivery of 100LPM
Type of Panels: 2160Watts Polycrystalline Application Class A Panels
Pump Controller: 3phase VFD with MPPT & Harmonic Filter
Mounting: Fixed[/glow]

This site is supplied also with a 18W DC led streetlight, which runs on a 10 solar battery directly without inverter. A smart controller is provided which charges the battery and also auto ON/OFF the street light with inbuilt dusk to dawn function.

Hope you enjoy seeing the video.


Your video is private. Please make it public.


My apologies. Didnt notice it was set to private.

Now its turned public. Thank you!

Also please read “10 solar battery” as “C10 Solar battery” - typo error.



Give me cost for this above project.


Please share your email address.


My mail id is…



Sent you an email. Please check and revert.


Kindly let me know the cost factor for the solar pump set.I wish to install one in my farm but have not found any honest dealer.They all are cheats ready to pounce on customer and loot as much as they can.My e mail:rcdixit@hotmail.com

Dear Mr.Dixit,

Thank you for your message.

Its very unfortunate that you aint be able to find a genuine dealer for your solar power requirement.

I assure you that we would offer the best what we could, for which I need below info;

If the solar power required is for existing or new pump?

A)If existing pump;

  • What is the rated capacity in terms of HP, Voltage, no.of phases, Current & RPM of the motor?
  • Is the application flood or drip or for storage of water?
  • GPS coordinates of the site

B)If new pump

Is it for borewell or openwell pumping?

1)If for borewell

  • What is the total bore depth?
  • What is the water table?
  • What is the bore dia?
  • What is the bore yield?
  • Total water requirement per day?
  • no of acres to be irrigated?
  • Is the application flood or drip or for storage of water?
  • GPS coordinates of the site

2)If for openwell

  • What is the total well depth?
  • Total water requirement per day?
  • no of acres to be irrigated?
  • Is the application flood or drip?
  • GPS coordinates of the site

[glow=red,2,300]Please note that for new setups, available combinations are

A)Solar borewell water pumping
B)Solar Openwell water pumping
C)Mix of the above[/glow]

Kindly do email me with the above info and I shall revert with a suitable techno-commercial offer.

Best Regards,

This pump will be for borewell of 5" diameter

  • What is the total bore depth?:125 feet(90 feet pucca+35 feet kutcha)
  • What is the water table?50 feet(water is available at 30 feet
  • What is the bore dia?5"
  • What is the bore yield? no idea
  • Total water requirement per day?10000 litres
  • no of acres to be irrigated? 2 acres plus
  • Is the application flood or drip or for storage of water? drip irrigation
  • GPS coordinates of the site: Distt Raebareilly-lucknow bordering
        Pl give which solar panels you will be using(mono or poly) and what will be the cost factor(less cost of fresh boring which local will do on the site)

Dear Mr.Dixit,

Thank you furnishing the required info.

Your requirement is almost the same as the one in the video here, in which case,

We recommend you the same 2Kw solar water pumping system that when run on solar would deliver a peak of 1 1/2" water @ 105LPM - 28M head & would support till 45m head and give a O/P of 40LPM.

Also, please note that Monocrystalline panels are not technically suitable for project capacities less than 5Hp becasue of higher wattages of these panels and lower voltages.

Hence I shall send you the techno commercial offer with all details to your email ID.

I request you to kindly check your email & revert.

Best Regards,

Dear sarvan
your terms and conditions of asking payment in advance rather than getting it from a satisfied happy customer after installing the system in his farm does not appear fair.You are also trying to offer it for Rs 2,62,000 if ordered before 15th August and 2,88,000 after 15 August 2014.Offer is valid till 30 August 2014 only.Since your offer is valid till 30 August only,it won’t be possible to take any decision till then.In view of the same rather than calling you some local form will be approached or NEDA will be called in for the needful.

Dear Mr Dixit

Thank you for the reply.

I can understand your point of view, but then again the entire solar supply chain works this way forcing us to adapt the same advance payment business model. We just can’t tell the panel manufacturer, “hey, listen up. I won’t pay you till I see the performance”  the door is shut for us the next moment. Infact we don’t even get a single day credit period. Hope this is understood.

As far as the pricing goes,

The deadline of Aug 15th is priced based on our panels July month’s prices and also by combining your order with our pending orders. Post 15th price would be unit order and against August prices which is valid till the month end. Trust this clears the air.

You place the order with us or with any xyz firm or with any nodal agency, that would not change our business terms, as our business environment is factored by parameters which are out of our control

Thank you again

For forum members and others who view the topic

I kindly request you not to benchmark this pricing as pricing would purely depend on specific user requirements and market conditions. And this is case to case.


Thanks sir, your point is valid but you can always correct the system through feed backs to manufacturers.No business asks for advance payment.It is not correct on the part of manufacturers to bahave this way.

We do try every now and then but in vain.

Reason behind this is, as every manufacturer is an exporter, they are so used to international payment inco terms ie payment advance by tt or wire transfer they adopt the same here.

Also, the solar cells supplied mainly from Germany are purchased against payment so you see, it translates to the entire chain.

Trust is just a word these days which it seems only money could buy… :slight_smile: