10,000 Mulseetha or cancer fighter plants available ,for Rs.27 in tamilnadu

10,000 Mulseetha or cancer fighter plants available ,for Rs.27 in tamilnadu. If you purchase within 3 days this price.Outside price is very high for this plant.Its A grade grown by seed.height -3/4 feet or slightly less than 1 feet,Fruit size-800 grams to 3.5 kilograms.You can buy and resell with profit.Anybody wants please call-9543455978 or email-chelacuty28@gmail.com


Can you please let us know what all plants are available with you?
Last time i had called from Mumbai you were not able to speak either english or hindi. it would be difficult to converse with you in Tamil as we dont know.

So please publish your list of plants with prices which becomes easy for us to order.

Also do you have Taiwan pink Guava?

Oregano for stomach problems

Long pepper


Brahmi leaves

Purple fruited pea egg plant

Pavalammali for leg painand fever.

Nanthiya vattai,

Andrographis paniculata for insect bites,

insulin for diabetes,

Stone breaker for removing kidney stones and for jaundice.

Other plants

malabar neem,

alam tree,

Ficus religiosa tree,

Arecanut tree,



Magilam flower plant

senbagam flower plant

Indian kino tree,



Idli flower plant


rose flower plant

jasmine flower plant,

arabian jasmine flower plant,

Karakkatan flower plant,

December flower plant,

Crosssanda infundibuliformis flower plant

Nerium flower plant

White orchid flower plant

Hibiscus rosasiness flower plant,

samangi flower plant

Royal palm tree


Jackfruit plant,

guava fruit plant,

lemon plant,

mango fruit plant,

pomegranate fruit plant,

orange fruit plant,

Money plant,

curry leaf,


Indian beech tree,

jamun fruit tree,


cashew tree,

vaagai tree,

ashoka tree,

mahogany tree,

gooseberry fruit plant

rosewood plant,

papaya fruit plant,

nagalingam tree,

Bilvam tree,

citron tree.Pleas e email-chelacuty28@gmail.com

Dear Revathy,

Thnaks for your revert.

Can you please share which all variety of Taiwan Guava are there with you. I need Taiwan Pink 100 nos. Can you please send the photos of the same. I want healthy genuine and grafted plants. Also want to know the age of the plants.

I need to know the price for all Taiwan varieties and the photo of packing also. As am getting it here in Mumbai, so want to know how safely will they reach me if ordered.