1" water sufficient for ZBNF?

Hi all,
In the process of digging borewell, we took a water diviner to our land, and he said we can only expect 1 " water @ our plot that too @400 ft. It is a small plot and we only plan to plant using Palekars five layer orchard method. The plan is not to have more than 7-8 sectors (where 1 sector is 36 * 36 ft). So the number of big trees will be pretty limited. The idea is to plant for own consumption and not with a commercial mind. Would it make sense to dig a borewell with such little water ? Awaiting feedback from you all. Thanking you in advance.

P.S: Please note that in parallel, we are also going ahead with a hydrologist to survey the land for a second opinion.

In ZBNF, recommendation is to use flood irrigation.  With 1" water this will not be possible.

You will have to use drip irrigation.  If crops that need less water are chosen (for example, dry land model of mango.  I would right away rule out arecanut, banana.), then it is easily achievable in the 7-8 sectors.

Try short term plants that need less water to grow.
Go for drip irrigation.
Use Jivamrutha thro drip.
Use thick mulch of bio mass to avoid evaporation of water.
Rain water harvesting is compulsory .
The water output can not be ascertained by diviners (both traditional and scientific people) beforehand. Inquire in the nearby fields about the water output.

Good luck.

Dear Varahan Sir,

Can you please eloborate on Short term plants that need less water to grow.

Can you please give examples .

millets, black gram, red gram , tomato , ground nut etc. Dicot plants like black gram, ground nut etc help in fixing atmospheric nitrogen in their root knot which are made available to the subsequent crop by the soil micro-organisms.